Jun 10

At Last…Summer

Finally on Sunday, June 21, 2009 we can say that summer is here! That is right, it is SUMMER! So, get those bathing suits on, those water skies pumpin’ and those motor boats roaring because summer is too short to waste time watching TV or playing video games. You want to make each summer last as long as it can by enjoying and making unforgettable memories of the year. Today I will talk about what their is to do in the summer, how to stay fit, what are the best vacation spots, how to stay nice & cool and most importantly how to have the best summer yet!

We all know we hate summer for one small thing and that is the hot hot days that come to us every week. But, how do we stay comfortable with out sweating and how do we stay fit when the days are too hot to go outside? Well, their really is so much to do…and you can have as much fun even without playing those video games.

Things you can do to be fit outside and stay cool during hot days:

  • Biking(Always have 2 bottles of water with you and loose clothing)
  • Rock Climbing(Knapsack with 3 water bottles and a lunch, along with a hand held fan)
  • Outdoor pool
  • Walking(1 bottle of water)
  • Gardening/Outside work(Make sure you always take breaks for water)
Now those days where we should not go outside…what to do?
  • Exercise inside(Air on)
  • Wii Fit
  • House work
  • Run around the house
  • Play a few fit games with the kids
Time for a vacation?
What/where should you go?
But, where in Muskoka is the best places to take a nice vacation?
  • Shamrock Lodge – An amazing place for you and the kids and it literally has it all; from a huge sandy beach, amazing swimming, docks and it is located right in Port Carling.
  • Gryffin Lodge – Right on the lake of Mary, it is a wonderful place for the kids and so many of Huntsvilles attractions are all around; such as Dusk Falls, sandy beaches, restaurants and what ever else Huntsville has to offer.
  • Patterson-Kaye – Gorgeous surroundings with a huge beach and lake to swim in, why not go to Patterson-Kaye, it is right in Bracebridge.
  • Windermere House – Right in Windermere and it can all be yours with the open lake and sandy beach, things could not get any better.
Now everything is up to you. You go outside on the days you can, and the days you cannot work your but off inside. Remember to book your vacation spots, they do come fast.
I let you know on more interesting things to do in the summer and where the best vacation spots can be in Muskoka area.

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