Mar 10

There’s a Geothermal Grasscutting Party on Lenzr this Month

There are four new contests on Lenzr this month and you HAVE to check them out if you want to win great prizes. I still can’t believe its all free. You don’t even have to upload a picture to have fun on here, its a blast just surfing through the images and seeing all the creative submissions

The first contest is sponsored by a Toronto party rentals company that’s located at 185 Eastern Ave. Have you ever planned and set up crazy wicked Backyard Party Events and do you have any pictures to prove it?

The prize your photo could win is a 10×10 Pop up Tent and a $500 Gift Certificate if you have the most registered votes. Who says you can’t throw a party in the winter anyways? Get those pictures up to get those votes!

The second contest is sponsored by geothermal installation company that is located in Cambridge Ontario. The most difficult contest yet, Fire and Ice should turn out interesting at the end seeing how I think it is safe to say that everyone has one or two photos of fire and ice.

The prize your photo could win is a GeoAir PCO Air Purifier. Get those pictures up; you’d be surprised how fast these contests go by and you need all the votes you can muster early on to be a contender.

The third contest is called How Green Are You? and is sponsored by a Toronto grass cutting company that’s possibly Canada’s greenest organic lawn care service company. This contest should be fairly easy seeing how the whole economy is going ‘green,’ and its all anyone talks about… Even a recycling bin shot could win this match and I can see a lot of pictures being posted for this one because the prize is so cool…

The prize is a Neuton CE6 battery powered lawnmower

If your photo ranks the highest at the end of the contest you win a Neuton CE 6 Battery-Powered Mower with DURACELL® battery technology. Now I’d say that is going green! What a wicked prize, I’ll be sure to get my photo’s up; I would love to win this mower!

The fourth contest is entitled  ‘Obsolete Office Equipment‘ and seeks to find the most out of date junk in the business arena.  The photo that ranks the highest at the end of the contest wins the prize. The challenge is sponsored by a business phones installation company that designs office communication systems. Have you taken any pictures lately of old fashioned phones, typewriters or basically anything that has to do with an office and was used ten or twenty years ago?

The prize you could win is a four line office telephone AT&T Model 1070

All four of these contests end at 12:01 A.M. on Saturday, May 1, 2010. Get those photos into the index to start earning points from votes and comments now. Time goes fast when you are having fun.

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