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   Sep 24

Paws, Claws, and Teeth: How Animals Can Damage Your Garage Door

If you ever go on websites like Imgur or Pinterest, you know that people love furry animals. House pets like cats and dogs are posted up every day with funny captions and interesting stories. However, our love isn’t constrained just to the domestic kind of animals. There are tons of websites that are dedicated to […]

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   Jul 22

Modern Patio Furniture Can Spruce Up Your Otherwise Bland Cottage

When winter is in full swing, most people just want to stay at home. It makes sense that the cold weather and heavy snowfall can turn people into homebodies. Who wants to trek out in the snow? Pulling on winter boots and a heavy jacket, then slogging through endless snowdrifts is bad enough, and driving […]

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   Apr 27

The Four Seasons Of Muskoka

Muskoka is not just Ontario’s most favourite year round vacation destination, but actually the whole globe from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. With 2500 square miles of exceeding pines, dazzling lakes and rivers, endless sporting activities, variegated culture and friendly customer service, Muskoka will have you by its’ chain in no time! Not only […]

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   Aug 06

Does a ventrilo server work in Muskoka?

Probably a really stupid question, but I am eager to find out if a ventrilo server will work anywhere around the world…like Muskoka? My dad says he will be moving up to the cottage in Muskoka and that he will be getting internet some we can chat online, but why not just use a server […]

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