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How Nature Lovers Can Keep Up With Their Skin Care Routine

After a long and frigid bout of winter, warmer days loom on the horizon. It’s about time! The changes in season and temperature Don’t skip out on your daily face wash, especially if your campsite has the facilitiebring about the activities you may enjoy. Swimming, sunbathing, cycling- you name it- you can expect to have a busy schedule in the upcoming months.

With that said, there are those who love nature, so activities such as camping fit the bill. If you love camping, you’ll no doubt agree that you have to forfeit a few comforts while you’re away from home, including access to your makeup kits and skin treatments. But what if you didn’t have to?

Thanks to some portable products, you can keep up with your skin care routine even if you’re trekking through dense forest. You may not have full access to your bathroom cabinet, but you don’t have to miss out entirely.

Being Realistic About Facial Care When Outdoors

If you’ve got a beauty pageant around the corner, then you might want to postpone a camping trip for a later date. Remember, the outdoors, as pleasant as they are, abound with bugs and dirt and a whole bunch of other things. Modern campsites have washroom and shower facilities, but they’re a temporary cleanse for what you’ll have to deal with the next day. The point here, is that trying to maintain the perfect routine while traversing through nature isn’t realistic. But within that truth lies hope for you facial care enthusiasts.

Carrying Your Routine With You

Nature doesn’t have to completely remove you from the comforts you enjoy at home. With that said, you may ask what’s the best way to keep up with your skin care routine when outdoors. Technically speaking, you could bring just about anything that you feel is necessary, but you’ll find some suitable items listed below.

Ideal Items to Bring With You

  • Face Cleanser – A product that cleans your face is not only a suitable option, but an important item to bring along. As mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of dirt out in nature and all those particles can get under the skin, causing unwanted pimples and acne for some. So bring a facial cleanser to keep your pores dirt free.

  • Moisturizers/Sunscreen – Dehydration of the skin can easily occur when outdoors, so you’ll want to keep your face moisturized. Even more important is protection against the sun. If you have a lighter complexion or burn easily, your risks for skin cancer are higher. The use of sunscreen is essential if you want to reduce your risk, so make sure to pack a bottle in your camping bag!

  • Medical Products – If you have a skin condition, there’s no need to ignore your treatment just because you’re heading outdoors. You owe it to yourself to feel good about your health and appearance, so there’s no reason to leave important medications at home.

There’s Something Else You Should Bring

A camping or nature trip doesn’t have to ruin your skin care routine at all!You’ve packed your bags and it seems like you have all of the essentials. So what’s this about another item? If you don’t already have one of these, you might be confused as to what it is. That product is actually a gadget – a facial toning device.

Why it Belongs in Your Camping Bag

  • It’s Portable – The first reason you should bring a facial toning device with you stems from its portability. It’s light, small enough to fit into your pocket if you wanted to, and you don’t need to plug it into an outlet.

  • It’s Simple – When you’re camping, you most likely would rather be one with nature, rather than trying to figure out how to use some complicated device. Of course, some camping gear is a pain to use! However, a device that tones your face is the opposite- you simply massage the face with it for a quick workout.

  • It’s Versatile – The most important aspect of these devices is their versatility. A few minutes of vibrating action provides your muscles and tissues with a vigorous workout. Blood flow in the face circulates better, maintaining and improving your facial tone. If this is an important aspect of your skin care routine (which it should be), then you’ll want to bring this powerful device with you.

Other Practical Self-Care Tips

Apart from bringing the right items, you can maintain your facial care when roaming the outdoors with some other steps. They are simple and fit under the category of “common sense” maintenance.

Additional Helpful Steps to Take Care of Your Face

  • Avoid overexposure to the elements – There’s only so much you can do to stay away from dust and dirt, but making the effort can reduce your exposure. You can do quite a lot to protect yourself from UV rays. Wearing a hat and taking advantage of shaded areas are two simple and practical steps you can take, and these practices work well in conjunction with the use of suitable sunscreen.

  • Stay Hydrated – Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Dehydration can manifest itself in your face, and worsens when you spend all day in the sun. Therefore, make sure to bring enough water or tools to purify water (if you’re the real outdoorsy type) to prevent issues with hydration. Your skin will thank you for it.

Don’t Let Nature Get in the Way of Facial Care

So if you’re planning to embrace nature but worry about your skin, take comfort knowing that it’s not a losing battle. It’s true that you may have to keep the macbook and cosmetics at home, but you can still wake up feeling confident about your face. Try incorporating the use of a facial toning device in your skin care routine. You’ll get a multi-faceted treatment within minutes, without having to bring a whole set of products. Remember to take practical steps so that you can escape the dirt and UV rays of the sun. By applying these tips, your nature hikes or camping trips will be anything but a problem to your skin care!

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