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   Apr 27

The Four Seasons Of Muskoka

Muskoka is not just Ontario’s most favourite year round vacation destination, but actually the whole globe from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. With 2500 square miles of exceeding pines, dazzling lakes and rivers, endless sporting activities, variegated culture and friendly customer service, Muskoka will have you by its’ chain in no time! Not only […]

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   Apr 20

Why You Should Take a Road Trip Through Canada this Spring

Ah, spring is here. Unless winter intends to shake off a last minute blizzards, you can look forward to those long days of light and warmth, and all the activities you’ve been longing to enjoy. You’re probably already planning a ton of BBQs, sport days and outings. And then there the vacations. If you didn’t […]

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   Apr 12

Muskoka Wellness Clinic

Wellpath Clinic Port Carling, Muskoka is not only a family and community wellness center dedicated to helping improve the quality of you and your family’s life, but they use a natural approach to wellness that is extremely safe and effective in treating the root of most common illnesses. Dr. Nobrega-Porter, one of the naturopathic practitioners […]

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