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   Aug 30

Toronto SEO vs Muskoka SEO

A lot of my family live in Muskoka and I live in Toronto and my aunt just launched her website two m0nths ago and has not really found that the website has helped with traffic and clients which makes her very disappointed. Now I know a lot about SEO, but I only know about Toronto […]

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   Aug 19

Lenzr Evolves Into Something Better

For some time now Lenzr has been doing some changes to the website and are proud to introduce a new voting system in September. Instead of being able to vote when the contest starts, members will only be allowed to vote on the 20th day of the contest being live. Although members have to wait […]

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   Aug 06

Does a ventrilo server work in Muskoka?

Probably a really stupid question, but I am eager to find out if a ventrilo server will work anywhere around the world…like Muskoka? My dad says he will be moving up to the cottage in Muskoka and that he will be getting internet some we can chat online, but why not just use a server […]

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