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Is a “Budget” Cornhole Set Really Worth the Savings?

The right cornhole board makes this game even more fun!So – you want to get into cornhole. You’re in good company, as this popular game is sweeping the nation and shows no signs of slowing down. Cornhole is one of the games that seems old fashioned, but it’s still here and thriving today in a world of smartphones, tablets, and other technological innovations. What’s the reason for it’s continued success? Is it the chill atmosphere that still has room for competitiveness? Is it the game’s popularity at tailgating events, where you can eat great food and meet new people? Is it the fact that anyone can play no matter their limitations, and still have a good shot at winning? Perhaps its the fact that you can customize your board to create something truly unique and personalized to you. If you ask us, the answer is “all of the above!” If you’re looking to get into cornhole, you’re likely looking at cornhole sets online. When we investigate a new hobby, it’s natural to look for the best deal. But is a lower money sign worth the hassle down the road? Are cheaper cornhole boards a good deal, or will your choice lead to consequences down the road? These are all natural questions for someone new to the hobby to ask, but it’s not always simple to find answers online. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, and we’ll help explain why “budget” cornhole options are really a good way to waste your extra cash.

How Cheap Are We Talking? A Look at Budget Options Online

When people see low price tags, money signs begin dancing in their eyes and they tend to act on impulse. You can see this again and again if you go to a mall while the local sales are on. Black Friday is such a big commercial event every year for this exact reason, and if you look online you can find people regressing to a feral state over the latest and hottest deal. So why shouldn’t you follow the same philosophy for your cornhole sets? The answer is simple: quality lasts. If you look online, you can see people suggesting “Do It Yourself” options that are very inexpensive, or you can go to online big box retailers like Walmart to get something for around sixty or seventy dollars. When you look at the pro’s prices, this seems like a good deal. However, smart tailgaters need to consider how long they’re going to use the board for, whether they’ll travel with it, and so on. Cornhole is a popular game to play at tailgating events, and tailgate events are famous for requiring travelling. Needless to say, your budget board will get banged up. While $20-$70 seems like a great price point, imagine having to pay it again, and again, and again… every time there’s an accident that ruins it. Those savings quickly dissipate, and you go into the red. The exception to this rule is if you are willing to eat the cost because you just want to try the sport out. After all, if you’ll only play the game once or twice, a high quality board may not be the smartest choice.

Do High Quality Boards REALLY Last Longer?

Sometimes high price tags are just a way to manipulate buyers. For instance, if you go to a designer boutique, you’ll sometimes see what seems to be a plain white t-shirt going for a ridiculously high price. However, cornhole sets are absolutely worth the extra cost. The trick is to find a sensible middle ground. While you can find boards online with LED lights, ridiculous set ups, and all sorts of extra bells and whistles, they are not worth the extra cost. However, a well constructed, well painted, and carefully protected board will last for ages and look gorgeous the entire time. Speaking of aesthetics, it’s time to consider our next point.

Why Custom Cornhole Sets Are The Best Option for Tailgaters With Style

Most of the DIY or budget options online have something in common: they’re one solid, boring color. Yawn! If you want something more high octane or suited to your unique personality, then custom cornhole boards are absolutely the way to go. The limits of your imagination are the only thing holding the design of your board back, and there are usually many ‘pre-made’ designs online you can choose from. Celebrate the profession you worked so hard to achieve, show off your awesome interests, or even just create a board that has everyone dropping their jaws. The extra price is worth having an instant memento, icebreaker, work of art, and cornhole board all in one. Whether you want to celebrate your favorite team, your national pride, or a classic art style, there’s an option for you. DIY options will sometimes claim that you can replicate the results of the professionals, but that’s highly unlikely unless you have an art degree of your own. By having an expert tailor the board, you ensure that the results match your imagination, and you won’t have to settle for the limitations of your own ability or materials. You’ll also prevent the design from flaking, scraping, or otherwise being damaged over the coming months and years of fun.

If you’re opening your wallet and hoping to keep as much cash as possible over the coming summer months, then a budget or discount cornhole set option must look very appealing. However, getting a high quality and well made board is absolutely worth the extra cost. Consider this choice an investment that will keep you going all summer long, as opposed to a burden that will drain your wallet. Over the long term, you’ll likely SAVE money! Remember: Short term savings rarely win out over long term quality. Treat yourself and buy the board of your dreams – you won’t regret it.





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How Nature Lovers Can Keep Up With Their Skin Care Routine

After a long and frigid bout of winter, warmer days loom on the horizon. It’s about time! The changes in season and temperature Don’t skip out on your daily face wash, especially if your campsite has the facilitiebring about the activities you may enjoy. Swimming, sunbathing, cycling- you name it- you can expect to have a busy schedule in the upcoming months.

With that said, there are those who love nature, so activities such as camping fit the bill. If you love camping, you’ll no doubt agree that you have to forfeit a few comforts while you’re away from home, including access to your makeup kits and skin treatments. But what if you didn’t have to?

Thanks to some portable products, you can keep up with your skin care routine even if you’re trekking through dense forest. You may not have full access to your bathroom cabinet, but you don’t have to miss out entirely.

Being Realistic About Facial Care When Outdoors

If you’ve got a beauty pageant around the corner, then you might want to postpone a camping trip for a later date. Remember, the outdoors, as pleasant as they are, abound with bugs and dirt and a whole bunch of other things. Modern campsites have washroom and shower facilities, but they’re a temporary cleanse for what you’ll have to deal with the next day. The point here, is that trying to maintain the perfect routine while traversing through nature isn’t realistic. But within that truth lies hope for you facial care enthusiasts.

Carrying Your Routine With You

Nature doesn’t have to completely remove you from the comforts you enjoy at home. With that said, you may ask what’s the best way to keep up with your skin care routine when outdoors. Technically speaking, you could bring just about anything that you feel is necessary, but you’ll find some suitable items listed below.

Ideal Items to Bring With You

  • Face Cleanser – A product that cleans your face is not only a suitable option, but an important item to bring along. As mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of dirt out in nature and all those particles can get under the skin, causing unwanted pimples and acne for some. So bring a facial cleanser to keep your pores dirt free.

  • Moisturizers/Sunscreen – Dehydration of the skin can easily occur when outdoors, so you’ll want to keep your face moisturized. Even more important is protection against the sun. If you have a lighter complexion or burn easily, your risks for skin cancer are higher. The use of sunscreen is essential if you want to reduce your risk, so make sure to pack a bottle in your camping bag!

  • Medical Products – If you have a skin condition, there’s no need to ignore your treatment just because you’re heading outdoors. You owe it to yourself to feel good about your health and appearance, so there’s no reason to leave important medications at home.

There’s Something Else You Should Bring

A camping or nature trip doesn’t have to ruin your skin care routine at all!You’ve packed your bags and it seems like you have all of the essentials. So what’s this about another item? If you don’t already have one of these, you might be confused as to what it is. That product is actually a gadget – a facial toning device.

Why it Belongs in Your Camping Bag

  • It’s Portable – The first reason you should bring a facial toning device with you stems from its portability. It’s light, small enough to fit into your pocket if you wanted to, and you don’t need to plug it into an outlet.

  • It’s Simple – When you’re camping, you most likely would rather be one with nature, rather than trying to figure out how to use some complicated device. Of course, some camping gear is a pain to use! However, a device that tones your face is the opposite- you simply massage the face with it for a quick workout.

  • It’s Versatile – The most important aspect of these devices is their versatility. A few minutes of vibrating action provides your muscles and tissues with a vigorous workout. Blood flow in the face circulates better, maintaining and improving your facial tone. If this is an important aspect of your skin care routine (which it should be), then you’ll want to bring this powerful device with you.

Other Practical Self-Care Tips

Apart from bringing the right items, you can maintain your facial care when roaming the outdoors with some other steps. They are simple and fit under the category of “common sense” maintenance.

Additional Helpful Steps to Take Care of Your Face

  • Avoid overexposure to the elements – There’s only so much you can do to stay away from dust and dirt, but making the effort can reduce your exposure. You can do quite a lot to protect yourself from UV rays. Wearing a hat and taking advantage of shaded areas are two simple and practical steps you can take, and these practices work well in conjunction with the use of suitable sunscreen.

  • Stay Hydrated – Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Dehydration can manifest itself in your face, and worsens when you spend all day in the sun. Therefore, make sure to bring enough water or tools to purify water (if you’re the real outdoorsy type) to prevent issues with hydration. Your skin will thank you for it.

Don’t Let Nature Get in the Way of Facial Care

So if you’re planning to embrace nature but worry about your skin, take comfort knowing that it’s not a losing battle. It’s true that you may have to keep the macbook and cosmetics at home, but you can still wake up feeling confident about your face. Try incorporating the use of a facial toning device in your skin care routine. You’ll get a multi-faceted treatment within minutes, without having to bring a whole set of products. Remember to take practical steps so that you can escape the dirt and UV rays of the sun. By applying these tips, your nature hikes or camping trips will be anything but a problem to your skin care!

   Feb 28

How to Prepare Your Residential Garage Door For the Spring Thaw

What a brutal last few months! Bitter cold and heavy snowfall has been the bane of our existence, making the journey to work and school a Apply waterproof seals to residential garage doors, especially if they’re wooden. burden. Looking outside alone can trigger a shiver through your body. But things will turn around in a short span of time. Yes, spring is right around the corner. You can soon hide your jacket and toss your boots. With the change in season, there are some other things that warrant your attention.

Although spring puts moods on an upswing, the change in temperature could mean necessary repair work on your home. The spring “thaw” is that change in the landscape that many people love – melting snowbanks and budding trees. However, it can cause problems around the home. The garage is susceptible to damage from the winter – spring transition, but you can prevent excess repairs by preparing your residential garage doors beforehand. By making efforts to service your door in advance, you can avoid the hassles of repair work when the summer rolls around.

How the Change in Season Causes Problems

You may wonder how spring causes so much ruckus when it’s a time of pleasant weather. It’s quite simple- the warmer temperature melts the build-up of snow and ice that’s accumulated over the past few months. That’s why flowing streams and creeks are dangerous during the spring since they are no longer frozen solid and present drowning hazards to those who tread too close. Falling through thin ice isn’t the only problem associated with the spring thaw. Although your grass will love the abundance of water, flooding can cause some serious property damage if your aren’t prepared.

Water damage is one of the most frustrating problems you can deal with as a homeowner. If you’ve seen documentaries of major hurricanes, you can see the effect of what a high tide can do to a house. In fact, you don’t even have to watch a tv series to see what a flood can do. If you’ve ever visited a home where there was a water leak, you most likely saw the aftermath. There’s the unsightly stains, the mold growth, the stale odour, and a pool of water somewhere. All in all, it’s not a pleasant sight.

How the Spring Can Cause Problems for the Garage

Apply waterproof seals to residential garage doors, especially if they’re wooden. Now let’s talk about your home and or your cottage. Spring looms right around the corner and although it may be hard to believe, the temperatures will warm up. So take a look at the snow banks piled around your property. When things start to melt, your residential garage doors will need some form of defense if you want them to look normal and function without any problems.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Waterproof Your Garage

  • Rotted Appearance – On an aesthetic level, water can leave its mark on your garage door. It’s not the end of the world when this happens, but you most likely won’t be too fond of its new stained look.

  • Structural Damage – The composition of your garage can also exacerbate the damage that water inflicts. As you may know, certain materials don’t fare too well when soaked in large amounts of water, so you’ll want to be on the look out for this as well.

  • Interior Leaks – Flooding that enters the home is the most frustrating effect of high water levels. When a flood seeps in, you may have to contend with the mold and rotting of structures within your house or cottage. There’s not a doubt in mind that these are problems you would rather not deal with.

There are some residential garage doors that will require more protection than others. The reasons vary and they include matters concerning the layout of one’s house and the door itself. As a result, you should take a look at a few factors when preparing for the spring meltdown.

Homes that Require Additional Repair Considerations

  • Reverse Slope Driveways – These are driveways that offer a great ride for a teenager cruising on their skateboard. However, the steep angles allow water to flow with ease from the road. Unless there’s a massive amount of water, you won’t have too much water to deal with, but you can still experience some troubles.

  • Wooden Garage Doors – Is your door the byproduct of some majestic cedar tree? If so, you will need to put some effort into your spring thaw preparation. Wooden garage doors are more susceptible water damage like most products made with timber. Therefore, it’s best for you to act sooner than later if you have one of these doors.

How to Prepare for the Meltdown

Fortunately, the damages that the spring thaw may incur are occurrences that you can avoid. Don’t assume that’s inevitable. By making the effort to prevent excess water from flowing in, you can keep your residential garage doors free from the problems associated with flooding.

Steps to Take to Prevent Water Damage

  • Assess Your Risk Factors – The first thing you need to do is assess whether you’re at risk for water damage. Admittedly, the spring thaw can affect anyone but as mentioned throughout this post, some people might experience more problems.

  • Ensure Proper Drainage – Without a functional drainage system, water will indeed haunt you when the snow starts to melt. Therefore, do all you can to maintain the drains in and around your driveway. Have them cleaned and inspected to ensure that they are able to do a good job when the flooding starts.

  • Apply Waterproof Seals – Coat your garage door with a waterproof seal, especially if you have a wooden door. It’s a good idea to do so since total prevention of water contact may not be possible. A waterproof coating will at least stave off the worst effects that flooding may bring.

  • Have the Garage Inspected – Garage units that sustain excess damage are often the ones that had problems to begin with. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire a certified technician to inspect your unit for potential glitches. A garage door repair job conducted before the seasonal change can eliminate the need for future repair jobs when the warmer months arrive.

“Spring”-Proof Your Garage Doors

So yes, don’t let the frigid days fool you into thinking that winter is here to stay. The warmer weather will sneak up on you faster than you expect, and it can hit your home in ways you may not realize. So don’t wait for that to happen! Get your home ready and take the necessary steps to keep your residential garage doors safe from the effects of water. It may feel like a bit of a burden, but you’ll thank yourself later by taking action now. If you have questions regarding what should be done, contact a garage door company that has experience with repairs and maintenance. As long as you make the effort, you can welcome the spring season without having to worry about the “thaw”.

   Jan 15

Why Support Animals Can be Key to a Disabled Person’s Recovery

Recovering from an injury or dealing with a permanent disability is a hard experience for people to go through. Even the strongest and most tenacious person can struggle with this challenge. It’s no surprise that it takes time and effort to work through the issues that spring up after your life seriously changes and you face new barriers. However, we all know that a support net is crucial in these situations. This can be a societal support network, such as government benefits and agencies or a disability lawyer. Having a strong group of friends and family who can assist you is also important. Sometimes your cousin could pick you up and take you to the grocery store, or your sibling could help you prepare healthy meals for the week. None of these solutions are permanent, however, and sometimes you can feel alone in the world. You also may have issues carrying out tasks that were once easier such as using an ATM, making a trip on public transit, going to the doctor’s office, and so on. Support animals have proven to be an amazing solution to many of these problems. Some support animals act in a purely emotional role, providing company and comfort to people with disabilities. Others have undergone rigorous training to sense seizures, assist the blind, and perform other astonishing tasks. An injury law firm can help a person who has been in an accident with this. Obtaining an animal trained to assist with their condition opens many doors for a person with a disability. This article will give you an inside look at how furry friends can help a disabled person through the recovery process.

Hard at work! Service animals spend a long time training to help people with disabilities out.

Prevention and Detection: How These Perceptive Dogs Help You Out

Seizure warning dogs are a relatively new kind of service animal, only being discussed in media and showcased in the public eye in the last twenty years. These dogs are able to warn people with epilepsy before they have an attack. Sometimes they can give only minutes, but some dogs have been reported to warn their owner hours before an oncoming seizure. This allows the person to get to a safe place where they won’t hit their head, take their medication that helps prevent seizures, or call someone for medical assistance. This behaviour doesn’t show up in trained dogs or certain breeds – some dogs are just born with the ability, which is not the norm. Dogs that have proven the ability in the past are adopted from breeders or animal shelters. A injury law firm can help someone who has been diagnosed with a disorder that causes seizures to adopt one of these service animals. When a seizure is oncoming, seconds count, and these dogs have shown the ability to make sure their owner is aware of that.

Cats Work Hard Too! How Feline Friends Can Save Lives

Don’t think that this ability is limited just to dogs. Cats have also shown the inborn ability to detect a seizure before it even happens. Just like dogs, this ability cannot be predicted or trained. It seems to be a response that comes with cats that is only uncovered once they show off this unique skill. Dusty, the Persian cat, is one example of this amazing trait. Dusty helps Florida writer Theresa Campbell live with seizures. The cat accompanies her on a leash everywhere she goes, just in case. When you have a disability that affects your safety, a seizure detecting animal allows you to experience life to the fullest.

Guiding the Way: The Many Skills that Seeing Eye Dogs Learn

Guide dogs are the most famous version of service animals. These assistance dogs help guide people with vision problems around obstacles. These dogs can handle all sorts of barriers with the help of his or her human. The person with a disability handles the “big picture” details, while the service dog takes care of the little details. These dogs have been trained to insert cards into a ATM so the owner can complete their transaction, climb on and off busses, and so on. An injury law firm will often help people with vision impairment as the result of an accident to adopt one of these dogs. While most dogs are barred from businesses or public buildings, guide dogs are the exception. These fearless animals will go anywhere you need.

Supporting the Survivors of Trauma and PTSD

Some disabilities are less apparent than a seizure or blindness. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), bipolar disorder, depression, mania, or other mental disorders are extremely taxing and can lead to problems in life. Service animals can help heal these wounds and make these people feel less alone. Someone with depression can testify as to how a snuggly cat or a friendly dog makes everything seem bless bleak. After a violent assault or other accident, going through daily life can be a surprisingly difficult experience. The experts at an injury law firm can report that there’s more than just physical damage after a violent assault or accident. Triggers can cause you to flash back to experiences or relive the trauma. A support animal can help with these symptoms and help you feel safe in your home once again.

Living in your own home or going about your daily life after an accident can prove to be more difficult than you thought. An injury law firm or a disability lawyer may be assisting with the financial aspects of recovery. However, there’s more to worry about when it comes to recovery. The emotional and medical aspects of life after an accident are both huge priorities. Support animals are one of the best ways to ease the life for someone adapting to a disability. These animals are able to help with many tasks and allow you to do things that might otherwise be risky or impossible. If you’ve been injured or are dealing with a disability, then consider adopting one of these animals. Your life will be better off with a fuzzy companion by your side!

   Sep 24

Paws, Claws, and Teeth: How Animals Can Damage Your Garage Door

If you ever go on websites like Imgur or Pinterest, you know that people love furry animals. House pets like cats and dogs are posted up every day with funny captions and interesting stories. However, our love isn’t constrained just to the domestic kind of animals. There are tons of websites that are dedicated to cataloguing adorable pictures of a more dangerous kind. Bears, coyotes, and cougars are all huge animals that lurk around the edges of urban cities and can cause destruction. As the world shifts from a more nature friendly place into a sprawling urban landscape, some animals are even forced from their homes and head to cities and suburbs as a refuge. This has led to some surprising side effects. You may occasionally see a news story about a bear who has climbed a tree or broken into a home to eat some tasty treats out of the freezer. You could also hear about a cougar prowling through backyards looking for something to eat. Sometimes these are weird events that don’t really affect our day to day lives, other times they can actually lead to serious consequences. Commercial contractors are finding themselves dealing with the effects of these animals. Garage doors are one obvious target for their misplaced mayhem, but there are other issues caused. Here’s how an animal can damage your garage door, and what you can do to fix it. Commercial contractors can be the only way to undo the damage that this little fellow can cause.

Not all Intruders Have Two Legs: Small Pests That Cause Trouble

When you think of small animals, you probably think of a cuddly kitten or a prancing, well groomed puppy. Instead, turn your mind to some less reputable animals. Raccoons, opossums, squirrels, bats, and rodents are extremely talented at taking any small hole in your building and turning it into a big problem. The main entry point for these animals is whatever is available to them – then once they’re inside, they unleash chaos and havoc. One of the main entry points in a residential home is a window or doggy door; commercial and industrial buildings lack that easy entry point. When a door, window, or other small opening isn’t available, these crafty animals will just create ones of their own. A garage door is one of the weakest points in a building that animals will target. Once they’re inside the building, they become little ninjas. They find ways to get inside walls and vents, look for food, and will happily tear your building apart to find it. Wiring in your garage door and your building becomes a delicious snack, plumbing can be knocked array, etc. A small little raccoon can cause enormous amounts of damage. Commercial contractors can be the only recourse for someone who needs to correct all these issues in a hurry.

How Can I Keep These Animals At Bay?

When you see a hole torn in your door and the marks that grubby little paws leave on your floors, your first instinct might be to pull an Elmer Fudd and grab a shotgun. However, an ounce of prevention can be a worth a pound of cure. There are steps you can take that will make a building a far less attractive target for animals and pests. Limit food sources – if there’s bird seed or food around your building, clean it up. Put garbage in secure plastic containers with a locked lid. Don’t leave garbage in thin plastic bags outside. Animals like raccoons will see a food source and decide they want more; that’s when they start to focus on getting past the barrier of your garage door. If you’re feeling particularly nervous, set up motion sensors that will show bright lights and play loud noises if an animal approaches. It will learn the lesson and skitter away quickly.

Even Household Pets Can Cause Issues

Your lovely dog and cat are not completely innocent. They are less dangerous, because their basic need for food, shelter, and water is taken care of. However, if you allow them to stick their nose and paws where they don’t belong, you can encounter issues. Pets have done things like chewed wires or knocked things out of place. Luckily, the solution to this issue is quite simple. Don’t let your pets in the garage, and keep an eye on them. This level of supervision is sufficient enough to stop them from getting into real trouble.

The Rarest Attacks of All Cause the Most Damage

It is extremely rare that your garage door comes into an encounter with a bear or a cougar, but it is possible. These animals have been driven out of their natural habitat to some degree, and so are wandering places where they shouldn’t be. Curiosity, hunger, thirst, or a desire for shelter can lead to them causing issues. Commercial contractors have seen bears break into garages or basements for a lovely nap. Do not attempt to shoo these animals away themselves; call in the experts or you may lose more than just a garage door to these large beasts.

Commercial contractors have found themselves taking care of projects where they repair more than just the daily wear and tear of life. Unfortunately, urban spreading means that some animals are displaced, and may find their ways into suburbs and city streets. In this instance, they may cause damage to your building, and a garage door is a likely entry point. When this is the case, call in the experts for repairs. You may expect an intruder to have two legs and be looking for something to steal, but surprisingly enough, it may just be a raccoon looking for his dinner.

   Jul 22

Modern Patio Furniture Can Spruce Up Your Otherwise Bland Cottage

When winter is in full swing, most people just want to stay at home. It makes sense that the cold weather and heavy snowfall can turn people into homebodies. Who wants to trek out in the snow? Pulling on winter boots and a heavy jacket, then slogging through endless snowdrifts is bad enough, and driving through heavy traffic and slushy roads is even worse. During winter, most people tend to socially hibernate and allow the dreary times to pass. Finally, spring and summer roll around. The snow melts and flowers bloom. This is the best time of year, when you can pull on flip flops and start barbequing. Some people love to entertain at their homes. A backyard, patio, or balcony can certainly host a great party. However, there’s no better way to enjoy a long weekend or even a vacation from work by heading up to your cottage. Modern patio furniture can help add a whole new dimension to enjoying your cottage. In between the kayaking and canoeing or the barbequing and feasting, and the simple relaxing you can enjoy spending time outside and enjoying the sun with friends. Most cottages could use a bit of spark, and patio furniture fills that role nicely. Read on to find out why patio furniture is the perfect complement to your summer cottage. Turn a lonely cottage into a social hot spot with a set of modern patio furniture.

The Cottage Is Becoming The Most Popular Place to Vacation During the Summer 

When you think of a summer vacation, what comes to mind? Some people think of traveling to a big city and exploring a different culture. Most people have the idea of visiting a resort and lounging by the pool in mind. More and more people are considering the cottage as their summer destination. Accessibility to cottages is only going up. Some cottage owners are willing to rent out their property to people who are willing to pay the price, meaning that you could enjoy a cottage all summer without stressing about caring for the property in the winter. Furthermore, cottages are a great investment, which means that older relatives or friends often can’t do the necessary maintenance and traveling will allow friends and family to use the property. Finally, cottages are seen as a luxury good, and whereas once people might have seen it as a bit boring, it’s now a classy and novel compared to other vacation destinations. When your cottage is the number one spot for summer fun, you’ll want to decorate it with modern patio furniture to keep up with the crowds.

Enjoy a Home Away From Home During Stays At the Cottage 

Many people use their cottage as a retreat away from city life. The noise, lights, and pollution of the city can be overwhelming! Meanwhile, a cottage is relaxed, simple, and low key. However, there are some flaws with this set up. Some people get homesick for the familiar sights and style of their home. Modern patio furniture can rectify this problem by adding personality and flavour to your cottage. No matter what your personality is or your home’s style, you can find a set of furniture that fills that niche. Some people prefer to have dramatic, stylish furniture that makes an impression. Other people like to pick sturdy, durable furniture that can stand up to anything. Pick something that looks great and eases any homesickness you might feel to get the full enjoyment out of your stay.

A Great Set of Patio Furniture Helps Facilitate Tons of Activities

When you’re up at the cottage, the list of fun stuff to do is endless. Do you want to go hiking through the woods? Go ahead and explore the beauty of nature, then collapse on your patio furniture after an exhausting trip. Are you more nautically inclined? Go for a long, relaxing swim, or take the more exciting route by kayaking out or jet skiing and then enjoy a meal to replace those burnt calories on the patio. Some people prefer going out to the cottage to be a purely social thing, where the main activity is dancing and drinking. Patio furniture is a great way to enjoy delicious food and host parties of all sorts. No matter what you have in mind, modern patio furniture can accommodate those plans.

Host Every Age Group or Kind of Personality Up at the Cottage

When you have a cottage, you usually find yourself becoming a social butterfly. People will want to come up, or you’ll invite people over when you have a long weekend. The cottage is a great place for nearly every social group, and this becomes truer with a sturdy set of modern patio furniture. Some people have it in mind that the cottage is only for people who want to be incredibly physical and in touch with nature during the trip. These worrywarts think that bookworms or those who just want to relax won’t be welcome. The fact is that anyone can have a good time at a cottage as long as there’s good company and a lovely environment. Set up a board game and play well into the night with your closest family, or enjoy a sampling of microbrews with your best friends. Have your aunts and uncles come over for a weekend, or host your friends who have a few children. Anything is possible in this versatile environment.

A cottage is quickly becoming a much better destination spot than a resort or another city, and there are more ways to access one than ever. Why not take advantage of this and enjoy a summer close to nature? Having a set of modern patio furniture will make the experience better all around. You can reduce homesickness and imprint your own sense of style. Patio furniture helps facilitate lots of fun activities, and it makes hosting easier. If you’re not sure of what to do with the summer, it’s time to consider a cottage.

   Jul 06

Perfecting Your Presentation Training Skills

When it comes to making and delivering powerful, successful presentations it is important that a person possess the abilities and competencies to effectively convey their thoughts and opinions in front of an audience. These skills will come in handy in a variety of situations, from delivering sales presentations, to public speaking engagements, and from hosting seminars, to networking with fellow business professionals. There exist a multitude of possibilities from effective presentation skills and training in this area actually cross-trains a variety of soft skills such as interpersonal communication. For those professionals that take their career seriously and must provide presentations on a regular basis, or even occasionally, it is recommended that they attend a presentation training course in Muskoka, Ontario to touch up on their abilities and perfect their delivery methodology.

Presentation Training

Speaking in Public – the Number One Fear Across the World

When it comes down to fears, public speaking is one of the most well-known fears across the world. This fear ranks higher than the fear of death believe it or not – some people would rather die than speak publically! For the sales professional or any business individual who must speak publically regularly, that experiences this problem, this is a disastrous fear to both their career and personal well-being.A great speaking personality has immense confidence in their ability, understands exactly what they want to say, and delivers their material confidently and comfortably. Some people are born with it, but that doesn’t mean that these abilities are lost to those who feel second best. Public speaking skills can be acquired by anyone willing to invest in a personal training course devoted to presentation skills.

Presentation Skills

Preparation is Crucial

A very popular saying goes like this; “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and its meaning is self-evident. One way that most people overcome their fear of presentations is to learn effective preparation skills. Through preparation a person can discover exactly their message, what points they want to deliver, and what questions are typically going to be asked. Preparation is important not only to ensure adequate delivery of material, but once a person has the content established it is much easier to understand their personal strengths and weaknesses. Self-knowledge is critical here, and understanding these basic aspects of oneself allows a person to tailor their approach to take full advantage of their strengths while minimizing our working on their weaknesses.

Presentation training is a good idea for anyone who has to present information in front of other people and feels their skills just aren’t up to par. Through a systematic approach to presentation a person can learn to overcome their fears and deliver effective, useful presentations.

   Feb 16

Boating Accident Attorneys: Be Safe This 2012 Summer

Ontario is a very large port for several water sport fans that travel the many lakes to indulge in their favourite activities. Unfortunately every year there is a combination of boat accidents where many have resulted in severe injuries to individuals or even sometimes death. That is why there has been an increase of personal injury lawyers in Hamilton to help these unfortunate victim’s cases. An accident can happen at anytime and anywhere, but an accident on the road and an accident on the water are entirely different according to attorneys in Canada. The laws against boating accidents are extremely unpermissive because boat owners are required to observe the maritime legal guidelines and admiralty legal guidelines that govern the lakes of Ontario.

personal injury attorneys in Hamilton

With the increase in the boat population in many of Ontario’s great lakes, there has been a growth within the array of boat accident instances and Ontario boating accidents. Although a substantial enhancement of observance from the authorities take place every summer, a variety of boating accidents still happen, that is why personal injury cases involving boat accidents increase each year. It is very important for you as an individual to protect your legal rights and search for a good lawyer if someone played a negligent part in a boating accident that resulted in you or someone else being injured.

Boating Accidents

In a lot of past cases, personal injury lawyers stated that multiple people who were involved in a boating accident, do not know what to do. One of the most common boating accidents are boat collisions where the boats collide with one another in open water. The owner of the boat should understand and acknowledge the legalities of boating in Ontario and abide by the province guidelines, this way they will keep away from any complications. If the accident involved a water skier, this can usually be caused by defective sporting equipment or when the boat driver is at fault.

Prevent Boating Accidents

If anyone is ever involved in a boating accident, it is required to fill out a Boat Accident Report (BAR). In many worst cases boating accidents can result in someone falling overboard, death or even disappearance. The most common threat to boating accidents includes personal injury or injury to property. When you fill out the form, you need to have as much details as possible so if a lawsuit is filed you can be prepared to speak to your lawyer to find useful information and advice. You can also file the report online.

Police On Patrol

If you have been an unfortunate victim and been injured during a boating accident you should contact your personal injury lawyer right away so you can receive advice and file a lawsuit to win compensation for your injuries. In some cases there may be several people who were injured in the same boating accident; if this is the case you should all file a claim together.

A note from Muskoka Girl:

The summer season is approaching fast this year and I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy summer in and around Muskoka.

Please do not drink & boat and wear your life jackets!

   Oct 21

Fall Lenzr Contests

I remember when I was about seven years old my mom and I always used make our own bread from organic ingredients with a breadmaker, it was one thing I will always cherish because those days were mother and daughter bonding moments that I truly could never forget. The only thing I do regret was that I never took pictures of the outcome of our delicious bread because Lenzr launched Our Daily Bread contest where you can win a breadmaker courtesy of ShaSha Natural Artisan Bakery. I would love to win that breadmaker when Lenzr reveals the winner on December 1st, but unfortunately I have no pictures to show my bread making expertise.

How could I ever forget the countless Homemade Halloween Costumes my mom made for my brother and I – Anything from a clown to a princess; my mom was so talented at making costumes that I wish her expertise ran off on me because I have not a clue how to even stitch a hole together! If you are a pro at Halloween costumes I highly recommend submitting your works to Lenzr’s photo contest for your chance to win $250.00 in candy or cash courtesy of Jib.ca, marketing agency that specializes in social media contests. The contest ends December 1st which is perfect for Christmas presents!

Ughh the Warehouse Stockpiles photo contest on Lenzr reminds me of my old job..so much stacking and lifting and too much of a routine each day – Boy am I glad I got out of there! Courtesy of production planning and inventory management software company, Solarsoft hopes to view photographs of everyday life at a factory of products just about to be shipped, stacked or shelved. Winner will be announced December 1st so next time you are in a warehouse be sure to bring your camera.

House for Renovation is all the statuses I see on Facebook anymore and it really is getting to be a snore, but I guess it can help me win this next photo contest on Lenzr. Capture your family and friends house renovations for your chance to win an Apple iPad 2 courtesy of Toronto mortgage broker, the Calum Ross Team. Contest ends January 1st, 2012.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start capturing! Who knows you might be the most popular at Christmas time because you won all four contests.

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Muskoka Wedding Venues

What better wedding could you have if it wasn’t in one of the most romantic municipalities of Ontario? With over 50+ wedding venues surrounded in crystal clear lakes and mountain tall trees, why wouldn’t you choose Muskoka as your wedding destination? From resorts to hotels to cottages – It is your special day after all, you choose!

Choosing from Muskoka or Toronto wedding officiants can help you prepare for your special day, anything from venues, dressing wear, accessories and much more.

Below you will find the top four wedding venues in Muskoka, Ontario:

Deerhurst Resort

Now this is where all the excitement begins when choosing Deerhurst Resort as your wedding venue in Huntsville, Ontario! Whether you have envisioned a romantic, intimate wedding ceremony alongside the beach or an elegant evening in the grand ballroom, Deerhurst Resort has it all and is the perfect venue for your special day.

Just picture it now, you and your bridesmaids sitting in a luxurious room, relaxing at the spa while the men enjoy a round of golf on the two courses. The possibilities are endless at Deerhurst Resort, from live entertainment in the moonlight for your rehearsal dinner to a family brunch in the sunrise.

Regatta Wharf

Gazing out the windows of Muskoka Bay in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Regatta Wharf has a spectacular view that is perfect for your wedding day. The Sagamo Banquet Room and private balcony on the second floor can fit up to 200 guests featuring a vaulted ceiling, original artwork, separate washrooms and a new dance floor. The Sagamo room also is perfect for rehearsal dinners the evening before and is great for celebration brunches the morning after.

Inn At The Falls

Not only has Inn At The Falls earned their fine reputation for providing perfect settings for weddings, but they also have excellent food, perfect accommodations for your wedding day and everything you need to have an everlasting memory in Bracebridge, Ontario.

Shamrock Lodge

What is more exciting than this four season resort located in Port Carling, Ontario on the pristine shores of Lake Rosseau? Featuring lots of natural lighting and lakeside vistas, your wedding guests will quickly appreciate the personal touch Shamrock Lodge has to offer. Casual elegance which gives full attention to the smallest detail is exactly what Shamrock ensures for your perfect day.