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   Jul 06

Perfecting Your Presentation Training Skills

When it comes to making and delivering powerful, successful presentations it is important that a person possess the abilities and competencies to effectively convey their thoughts and opinions in front of an audience. These skills will come in handy in a variety of situations, from delivering sales presentations, to public speaking engagements, and from hosting […]

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   Dec 10

A Hair School In Muskoka?

These past few months I have come to neglect my MuskokaGirl blog, not on purpose, more or less I have just been extremely busy working and the holidays coming up. Late last night I was doing some research on hair schools and came across the one and only Aveda Institute. Now I see they have […]

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   Oct 10

Muskoka Condos For Sale VS. Toronto Condos For Sale

My grandparents have been looking around for some Muskoka condos for sale simply because they are getting a little older and to take care of their huge property now is a lot of work…even for myself. About a few years back they were searching for Toronto condos for sale because they thought it may be […]

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   Aug 19

Lenzr Evolves Into Something Better

For some time now Lenzr has been doing some changes to the website and are proud to introduce a new voting system in September. Instead of being able to vote when the contest starts, members will only be allowed to vote on the 20th day of the contest being live. Although members have to wait […]

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   Jan 23

Cords, Cables and Confusion the Subject of new Photo Contest on Lenzr

While wintering his army at Gordium in 333 BC, Alexander the Great attempted to untie the Gordian Knot.  Myths had circulated that whomever should untie the knot would swiftly rise to become the most powerful ruler of Asia.  When Alexander could find no end to the knot, by which to unbind it, he sliced it […]

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   Dec 05

Warranty Elephant is New Age Memory Business

Warranty Elephant is an online warranty expiry reminder service. The website functions to help people of all nations, on all seven continents, manage different expiry dates on all types of consumer warranties. My friend showed me this site. I thought they used an elephant because it signifies safety – like Elmer the safety elephant, but […]

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