Aug 19

Lenzr Evolves Into Something Better

For some time now Lenzr has been doing some changes to the website and are proud to introduce a new voting system in September. Instead of being able to vote when the contest starts, members will only be allowed to vote on the 20th day of the contest being live. Although members have to wait to vote on other pictures, contestants are still able to submit their works for viewing. The Lenzr Admin will set a date for when the voting should begin which will most likely be 10 days before the end of the contest.

Eco Deck Builder sponsors People Building Things photo contest

Traveling the streets of any town or city people tend to see many People Building Things, houses, decks, sheds etc. Lenzr thought photographers would enjoy this upcoming contest because building things is a very interesting hobby for most people. Ontario’s deck building company will be proud to reward the winner of this contest an Apple iPad. Are you in the middle of building something and would like to show it off? Start to submit your works to win this wicked prize.

Solar Line sponsors Morning Sunshine photo contest

A lot of early risers not only wake up at six in the morning to have a full day a head of themselves, but to enjoy that morning coffee and especially Morning Sunshine. Seeing how Mother Nature has been oh so kind to Canadians this summer, Lenzr expects to see outstanding photography of the different colours in the sky for this photo contest. Solar Line build portable solar power generators and are happy to give a way an Apple iPad to the winner of this contest. Are you a summer camper that wakes up early just for that morning sunshine? This should be one exciting contest.

All Weather Roofing sponsors View From The Roof photo contest

Like most people especially those who live in the Toronto area – they tend to travel building to building regardless if it is for looking at apartments, going to meetings or visiting family. From all the different Views From The Roof a photographer can get, Lenzr thought this would be a fantastic photo contest. A flat roof installation and repair service company is happy to give a way an iPad for the person that has the highest ranked photograph. Do you live in a penthouse or work in a building on the top story? This is a perfect way to show off your skills from way up high.

SMOjoe sponsors the Conflict photo contest

Conflict can be an every day struggle for most Canadians and sometimes can get pretty frustrating ending in people hating each other. A lot of photographers, like myself love to take in pictures of people in action. Conflict is going to be a interesting photo contest on Lenzr next month and they hope to see some intense photography. A social media marketing company will reward the winner a Blackberry Bold 9700*.

Each contests end October 1st, 2010.

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