Apr 12

Muskoka Wellness Clinic

Wellpath Clinic Port Carling, Muskoka is not only a family and community wellness center dedicated to helping improve the quality of you and your family’s life, but they use a natural approach to wellness that is extremely safe and effective in treating the root of most common illnesses. Dr. Nobrega-Porter, one of the naturopathic practitioners helps you and your family live a healthy life by specializing in prevention and providing knowledge to help her patients fully understand what needs to be done to live a healthy life.

At this Muskoka location they offer primary health care to the local Muskoka community and is open all seasons. They are extremely excited to offer their leading-edge prevention programs to Muskoka businesses, individuals and families:

WorkWell Sustainable Team Wellness and Prevention Program

Is about helping you achieve your wellness and to sustain a good health by building new health habits. This will also improve your quality of life.

LiveWell Personal Wellness & Prevention Program

With this program it will provide you with a comprehensive annual health examination and a science based program, so that each patient can reach a health goal over a 12 month period.

This certain location is not exactly like all the other Wellpath Clinic’s, it is unique in its own way that offers fitness classes, healthy cooking classes, special guest speakers and other health and prevention events. Each of these classes and events are offered throughout the whole year, so be sure to check out the Wellpath Clinic Event Calendar..you would not want to miss out! (Special pricing for members of the Muskoka Lakes Association.)

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