Dec 10

A Hair School In Muskoka?

These past few months I have come to neglect my MuskokaGirl blog, not on purpose, more or less I have just been extremely busy working and the holidays coming up.

Late last night I was doing some research on hair schools and came across the one and only Aveda Institute. Now I see they have Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver hair schools, but none that seem to be up north, which was a little odd for me. I came to think that it would be a genious idea if they put a school close to Muskoka or even further up north for those that live far a way and do not want to move.

I heard that the hair school Vancouver was probably the most for successful students getting jobs right after they finished the program. So, do you not think it would be a great idea to have a hair school in Muskoka that beat all Aveda schools? Not only would it make ‘Up North’ look more successful..student wise, but it could get a lot of attention to those that would like to live in Muskoka during the summer months.

If I were wanting to be a hair dresser I would want my studies to be somewhere relaxing, quiet and you not agree?

I was thinking of emailing the Aveda Headquarters and suggesting the idea, what does everyone think?

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