Mar 04

Create Your Own NING Network

I am absolutely in love with this health and beauty networking site, that Rob Campbell, blog writer for SMOJoe and Lenzr, mentioned to me. At first I really did not realize how interesting the site is, but after I took the time to add all my platform content, I really started to enjoy the site and just had to introduce it!

Health and beauty is not just your average social networking website. It allows users to create a ‘NING’ platform on their own profile by adding pictures, videos, music, personal blogs, discussions and forums. You can invite people from your Windows Live, Yahoo, AOL or Gmail Accounts that will keep you connected and also up to date. Your friends and family can become members of your ‘Ning Network’ and they provide a live chat where you can talk with who ever. You can add different features like Facebook, Twitter or Flickr and they have quite a few different applications to fit your style and needs.

If you enjoy posting your favourite pictures, keeping up to date with the latest news on Health and Beauty in Toronto, writing personal blogs and getting your name out their, than clearly this is the site to join. Come join my NING network and I will give the favor by joining yours.

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