Nov 25

Lenzr Is Decking The Holidays With Two New Contests!

Lenzr Celebrates Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, Lenzr has launched two new contests that should make your holiday spirits just a little more exciting. Both contests were launched November 1st and should last up until December 20th when the voting officially starts. The winner of each contest will be announced the first day of the new year at 12:01 AM. Be prepared for when you come home from your celebration there could be a possible chance you are the winner!

Here are the details on the contests:

Bathing Belle Designer Swimwear Sponsors Canadian Beaches Photo Contest

When people think of Canada from other places around the world, they normally feel a brush of coldness through there body. Most people from other countries would also think that Canada does not have many beaches, but we all know that is very untrue. Through my summer months I take in many glorious pictures of Canadian Beaches, especially in Muskoka. This next photo contest on Lenzr hopes to inspire photographers to capture the most exquisite water landscape photograph from anywhere in Canada. Have you been to Wasaga Beach this past summer or even P.E.I? Submit your favourite Canadian Beaches photographs for your chance to win THREE designer bathing suits courtesy of  a designer swimwear company located in Toronto. Be sure to add in the name and location when submitting your photographs.

Solarsoft, an ERP Software Developer Sponsors Broken Factories Photo Contest

Most people when looking at unwanted, damaged things tend to never really look at the beauty of it, unlike photographers. Capturing a photograph in most cases is not technically shooting something beautiful, but more or less something you can make beautiful. In this case, Broken Factories, one of the latest photo contests on Lenzr is excited for users to submit pictures of factories they have passed by on their daily journeys. Have you passed by any abandoned factories that are worth capturing? Submit your favourite Broken Factories for your chance to win a Toshiba Netbook courtesy of a ERP software company.

For current and upcoming contests check out the Lenzr blog.

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