May 17

Muskoka 2010 Air Show

Muskoka 2010 Air Show; Thunder in Little Norway Air Show will thunder through the Muskoka Airport on July seventeenth and eighteenth to celebrate its seventieth anniversary of the Battle of Norway and the Battle of Britain; which were two major battles during the World War Two which actually help turn the tide of the war and show our freedom as we know of them today. The Norwegian is a special theme this year because of it being taken place at the Muskoka Airport which was actually the site of the Norwegian Airforce Training Base during WW11. In celebrating this airshow their will be a line up of WW11 fighters and also PT-26 Cornells that will be flown by the Norwegians at Little Norway. This certain show will feature performances in the sky from World War War Birds, Wing Walking Act, Stunt Planes and also a line up of static aircraft.

Their are going to many performances through out these two days. Respect the people who fought and lost their lives at war. They fought for our country and our rights today; raise your flag as a Canadian in honour of our loved ones.

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