Apr 19



The Muskoka Cottage Brewery that makes the finest hand-crafted  beer; opened in 1996 by Kirk Evans and Gary McMullen. Located in the heart of Muskoka, 13Taylor Rd, Bracebridge Ontario; the Muskoka Cottage Brewery has the values of respect and honest relationships with any customer and business partners in Muskoka.


Freshness– The Muskoka Cottage Brewery is always committed to having the freshest beer year long by stating “Enjoy Before” dates on each canned beer. ‘They want you to taste fresh beer every time.’

Purity– What you will NOT find in Muskoka Cottage Brewery Beer: NO additives, NO preservatives, NO adjuncts and they NEVER pasteurize. ‘They brew beer the way it’s supposed to be.’

Independence– Muskoka Cottage Brewery is a Canadian-owned business.


Muskoka Cream Ale– Is a British-style cream ale. Voted ‘Best Canadian Ale‘ and ‘People’s Choice Award.’

Muskoka Dark Ale– Tastes a bit fruity and has a hint of caramel and chocolate.

Muskoka Hefe Weissbier– Is a fruity and spicy character that has a special strain of yeast.

Muskoka Premium Lager– Is all malt and is aged longer making it a balanced taste.

100% a Muskoka experience, the Muskoka Cottage Brewery hopes to see you soon!

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