May 18

Muskoka Heritage Foundation – Plant A Tree


The Foundation is committed to the history, culture, environment and also the quality of Muskoka. Muskoka is not only known for its miraculous natural artistry, but also its rich heritage. With its outrageous sky-high pine trees, rocky mountain cliffs, crystal clear lakes and sandy beaches; Muskoka is cherished through the summer time by cottagers and is adored by permanent residence. Their are over 420 rare species in Muskoka and since 1987 The Muskoka Heritage Foundation has been working to maintain all plants, animals and also water to create legacy of any forests, wetlands, uplands and the species they nurture. The Muskoka Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports, preserves and nurtures the whole environment in Muskoka.

What They Do

The Muskoka Heritage Foundation identifies important and troubled places in Muskoka. (Anyone is welcome to help, by suggesting a spot in Muskoka that needs protection.) They own and operate a conversation information centre where everyone is welcome which is located at Nine Taylor Road in Bracebridge, Ontario. The Foundation also provides workshops and they also work with other organizations with similar interests in Muskoka which are; The Parry Sound Muskoka Stewardship Network, The Ontario Nature Trust Alliance, and The Federation of Ontario Naturalists.


Through The Muskoka Heritage Trust Foundation, The Muskoka Heritage Foundation actually has nine Nature Reserves that has over one thousand acres; with that they also have partnerships with quite a number of community groups. In 2003 The Foundation hosted an ‘Ecology of the Night‘ which valued the night sky which they continue to do so each year. In 2006 they hosted the third annual ‘Muskoka Star Party‘ which was also a value to the night sky and also the memory of the black out in 2003. Over the past few years they hold an annual native tree and shrub sale that actually has added twelve thousand trees and shrubs in Muskoka.

How do we raise money?

All of the funds actually come from four different sources which include; Annual membership fees(Individuals/Foundations/Corporations), Donations from the Muskoka Heritage Legacy Fund, Fundraiser Events(Cruises/Auctions/Tours/Tournaments/Fees) and Project Grants from the Government and Foundations.

What Muskoka Girl will do!

In honour of my very good friend which was basically one of my brother’s who just passed away at war last Thursday I, Muskoka Girl along with many friends of McKay will be planting a tree at our cottage in Berks Falls, Spruce Dale, Round Lake. This is because it will remind us about our friend and how much he loved, enjoyed Muskoka, but also to respect the wildlife in Muskoka.

I hope all will respect people who fight for our country, but also for those who care and do so much in honour of our world, by planting trees.

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