Apr 22

Muskoka Lakes Music Festival

In 1996 The Muskoka Lakes Music Festival (MLMF) was developed into a charitable organization and its mission stated from the website was– “enrich the cultural fabric of the community by providing leadership in arts education and quality musical entertainment.” The MLMF hosts 8-10 concerts of different music genres at Muskoka lakes through the months of July and August; also with year long arts outreach programming in different schools across Muskoka which is the Kaleidoscope Arts in Education program. The Kaleidoscope Arts in Education Program offers over 40 professional artists in a variety of art programs that involve teacher’s from elementary and secondary schools. MLMF has hosted Flavours of Muskoka for the past six years which has over 25 chefs prepare meals for over 400 Muskoka tourists and local residence. The Muskoka Lakes Music Festival has also hosted CBC Radio reading of Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” which features a celebrity. Not only do these programs raise funds for the Kaleidoscope Arts in Education program, but they also attract many tourists and have fun filled activities year long.


“Muskoka Music Festival has established excellent and on-going partnerships with organizations such as the National Academy Orchestra, Port Carling Dinner Theatre, the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, the Avenue Road Art School – Summer School, Nipissing University, Georgian College, Muskoka Business Development Corporation, Muskoka Hotel, Navigation and Steamship Company and a number of resorts in the area to assist in promoting, strengthening and unifying arts and culture in the Muskoka region. We plan to continue to build our partnerships, including the business sector, particularly resorts (value-added) and heritage-related institutions and events, and are currently working on co-productions with young people’s theatre.”–From the website.

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