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Muskoka Lawn Care

You could live in Toronto, in a small city…but when you live up in Muskoka..having a luscious, vibrant, green lawn is extremely important for most people. And that is because hundreds of people from all around the world have vacations in Muskoka. Below I will give you five tips on how to get that Muskoka lawn everyone should have.

#1 – Aeration

Aeration is extremely important when doing maintenance of a healthy lawn because it will actually allow improved gas and nutrient exchange between air and roots. Over time your lawn can become more compact which prevents water from reaching the roots and aerating offers the exact solution for that problem. By punching holes throughout your lawn, it will create a space that not only allows for a better exchange of nutrients, but it also will help reduce soil compaction. When the soil gradually expands the remaining soil will loosen and create a less compaction in the turf.

#2 – Dethatching

Thatch is simply the portion of your lawn above the soil that is made up of both living and dead organic matters. Stems, roots and crowns of grass plants is what actually comprises the thatch layer. Each and every lawn is susceptible to thatch and it can be dealt with in small amounts. When the thatch area becomes too large it will create a problem.

Once the thatch grows large enough it can actually reduce the amount of water and nutrients that reaches the root system of your lawn. Thatch can also house a variety of insects and spores that will damage the health of your lawn and cause a thinning of plants and possible death.

Yearly aeration is a great way to keep the thatch levels low. It is used to either puncture the thatch and have better drainage or break it apart to mix with the soil and increase decomposition. If your lawn is damaged already, the best thing to do would be to use slice, seeding, punching holes in the thatch to reach the beneath soil which will sink the seeds. The loosened thatch can be raked hard or removed by a vacuum to ensure that the levels do not grow too large.

In certain situations, a power dethatcher may be best to improve the overall health of your lawn. It uses blades that are angled that pulls the thatch for easy removal. Spring is usually the best time to do dethatching.

#3 – Fertilizing

Fertilizing is key in maintaining a healthy, attractive looking lawn. A proper fertilizer should help both leaf and root growth and also make your grass look a lot greener and vibrant. When your lawn is given better tools it can be protected better against harmful insects, weeds and also tough weather conditions. By having a healthy lawn it will last a lot longer and recover a lot faster from trauma rather than unfertilized lawns.

#4 – Mowing

It is also extremely important to keep your lawn trimmed nicely and on a regular basis. If your grass grows too long before you cut it, it actually could suffer a shock because too much of the plant has been taken off. This could make your lawn more susceptible to plant diseases. If you tend to cut your lawn very short and too frequently you may also stress the plant and weaken it against diseases. Be sure to cut no more than one-third of grass blade and give it time to grow again.

#5 Weed & Pest Control

Weed and pest control is necessary for any type of lawn and everyone should use it.

For information on a full lawn repair check out this blog article How To Do Proper Lawn Repair.

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