May 14

Muskoka Lover Died At War

Not only was he a son, a brother, a friend and one hell of a character, he was an amazing Canadian soldier that dedicated all he had to fight for our country. Kevin McKay grew up in Horse Shoe Valley, Barrie, Ontario, but his mind was always in the heart of Muskoka. He loved boating, fishing, chopping wood, building literally anything, playing guitar/drums and most of all he loved being around his friends and family. On Thursday, May 13th, 2010 Pte. Kevin Thomas McKay at the age 24 was doing an evening foot patrol in Nakhonay(A village of about 2,000 people) in Panjwaii/Afghanistan where an IED explosive device took off taking this young souls life just days before he would return home to his loved ones. I have known McKay for almost 10 years and he truly was a brother to me; we would bicker back & forth, pick on each other days in & days out, but at the end of the week we would just laugh about it. This is almost unbelievable and so unfair; I have never known someone close to me that has died so young and their is not one thing I can do. I will always remember you McKay and your never ending smile.

R.I.P. McKay….I will never forget you!

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