Feb 26

New Holiday in Canada – Do Over Day is Feb 26th

Do Over Day national holiday e-cards

Click anywhere on the picture above and you’ll find yourself on the Do Over Day website, which is full of tips and stories, real homemade videos (and you can make one too) and ecards, seen above.

National Do Over Day is the annual moment of self reflection day – the one annual occuring occasion in which you can take a moment or re live an emotional response to something.

Do Over Day is a new holiday in Canada

The polls on the site detail approximately what percentage of our society has regret and what they are…  The results are from multiple focus groups and now we know how many people regret not taking time to speak to an attractive stranger. This was a popular regret by the way so many folks listed this type of missed opportunity as the number one event they wish they could do over? I don’t know either – you will have to visit the site to find out. I do know that the stat prompted me to consider building a website for missed opportunities.

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