Jan 20

Opening of MuskokaGirl.ca BLOG

You are probably curious as to who I am and what the purpose of my blog really is……my name is Michelle Webb and I live in Ontario, Canada as a Client Representative for a company named Innate Media Group. The true purpose as to why I created this blog is to share my ideas and experiences about the outdoors in the Muskoka region. Do you want to learn new and interesting things about the wildlife near you? Know what is going on in your surrounding areas? Or even just sit down and listen to someone else talk about there experiences outdoors? Well, MuskokaGirl.ca could surprise you in many different ways, start to look forward for new and exciting things. What I truly want to achieve with my personal blog is to let others get involved with each post I submit and explore the life of Muskoka by sharing it with everyone all over the Internet.

Muskoka truly is a wonderful place for cottage life with your friends and family. You could be ice fishing in the winter or water skiing in the summer, but know matter what there is always something to do in or around Muskoka region.

If you are a little unsure where Muskoka is you can view it with the map below.

Map of Muskoka Area

Map of Muskoka Area

I would like to start off by announcing my goals of the opening of MuskokaGirl.ca:

  • To give my viewers a great share of new and interesting things going on in and around Muskoka.
  • To allow my viewers to share there stories by interacting themselves into my posts.
  • To allow my viewers to know where exactly to go in and around Muskoka.
  • To give my viewers a good knowledge and understanding of how to be more involved with outdoor activities.
  • To allow my viewers to know about the upcoming outdoor activities, the best resort vacancies, or the most recent news around the Muskoka area.

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