May 13

Relay For Life in Muskoka

About the Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society was officially formed in 1938, but the Saskatchewan Medical Association was the first cancer committee in 1929. The committee was to inform residents about the awareness of cancer because by the time people talked with their doctor it was already to late for treatment making the chances of survival next to impossible. Other committees of Provincial Medical Associations eventually followed and in 1931 Canadian Medical Association’s National Study Committee on Cancer was formed. In 1935 the Governor General of Canada invited all Canadians to celebrate George V’s 25th anniversary of his coronation making donations to the King George V Silver Jubilee Cancer Fund making the campaign raise over $500,000 in that year. In 1937 the National Study Committee recommended the Canadian Society the Control of Cancer which was fully launched the next year. Since 1947 when the National Cancer Institute of Canada formed an agreement with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Federal Department of Health and Welfare the two organizations have worked for a certain goal.

Relay For Life in Muskoka

June 4th and June 5th

J.D. Lang Activity Park – Bracebridge Fairgrounds

The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is way more than just a fundraiser; it is especially unique and something you will not forget. Fight back for all the friends and family you have lost with this horrible disease. With everyone’s help in 2009 they raised over $48,500.

They need your help in 2010!

Sponsors: Scotia Bank, TV COGECO, Harvey’s and Oliver’s Coffee

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