Apr 01

Right Around The Corner

Today being April 1st we start to see the the dark clouds and the noisy thunder storms develop into the April showers. Now I do not know about you, but comparing rain and snow together, I prefer the rain way more than I do the snow. Enough about that, I am here to share that MAY 2-4 is literally around the corner. For me May 2-4 is a tradition and I could never forget about it, but as for you..have you even thought about what you will be doing for May 2-4?

Every year, as a tradition my family and I go up to the cottage on May 2-4 to celebrate the beginning of a new summer. Like most people they cannot afford a cottage or rarely have the time and money to go on a holiday to their cottage. But, that is only one thing some people cannot do. Their are still many exciting and cheap ways to celebrate on May 2-4 in the Muskoka area without having a cottage.

Today I will help you out by giving you the best ideas you can do on May 2-4 weekend without leaving your wallet empty. First off you really need to focus on what you seriously want to do with your family and you. Personally the best and cheapest place to settle down for a nice long weekend would be in Muskoka. But, where in Muskoka and what to do to have fun as the rest of us do?

Well, one of the most popular traditions for people on May 2-4 is pitching a tent on small camp grounds. They can be very inexpensive and a great place for small or large families to celebrate their holiday. Another good idea for May 2-4 would be to find vacant resorts in Muskoka. Also you can find many hotels in the Muskoka region that are fairly cheap and near a waterfront.

Now those are great things you can do on May 2-4 and if you look early as possible and for the cheapest places for a holiday, you could enjoy May 2-4 long weekend as the rest of us do. Get booking before it is to late.

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