Apr 19

Robinson’s General Store


Since 1921 Robinson’s General Store has been operated by the same family which is located right in Dorset, Ontario on Main St. # 1061 right near the bridge. For anyone who passes along Haliburton or Huntsville area; the Robinson’s General Store is a “must see” attraction. At the beginning the store was only a 1200 square foot general store which serviced the logging industry. Like most places the Robinson’s General Store suffered dramatically through the depression. After a while a few more building structures took place at the store, making the store 15,000 square feet of retail space today. In the 1980’s all customers voted “Canada’s Best Country Store.”


The first generation of the family was Harry Robinson who grew up in Bracebridge and Marguerite Robinson who grew up in Dorset. They both owned the store right up until their deaths in 1975 and 1976.

The second generation was Brad Robinson who was the son of the first generation who grew up in the store and still works full-time today.

The third generation Joanne Robinson being Brad’s daughter grew up in Dorset and was raised working the store. Eventually she went off to University and in 1991 came back with her husband Willie Hatton and their baby Ryan.

The forth generation is Ryan Hatton who works part-time today.


Year round the store is open 7 days a week. With RRobinson’s General Store being right near tourist and cottage attraction, they become fairly busy during the months July and August, but winter everything slows down, which is to be expected. You are most likely to see the variety of foods that they sell that include fresh meats, produce, grocery and bakery. Especially to be found is the selection of hardware for all your building needs and a great selection of souvenirs.

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