May 12

Victoria Day Weekend in Muskoka


Victoria Day; also known as May Long Weekend or May 2-4 is a Canadian Federal statutory holiday which is normally the last weekend of May; in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday and also known for the beginning mark of summer season. In 1845 it was passed through the parliament of the Province of Canada to recognize May 2-4 weekend as the Queen’s Birthday. The date in 1854 the Queens 35th Birthday over five thousand Canadian residents gathered themselves in front of the Government House in Toronto to give cheers to the queen. It is said on Victoria Day that the Royal Union Flag must be flown from sunrise to sunset at any federal building in Canada such as; airports, military campuses, banks ect. Victoria Day is celebrated by Canadians with parades, fireworks and is also known for a lot of summer business openings such as; outdoor restaurants, amusement parks, bicycle rentals and summer resorts.


Those are many different activities you can do in Muskoka all year long, but especially for Victoria Day weekend. Maybe you do not need help in planning your May 2-4 like me; I will be up at my cottage starting early May 21st running till May 24th. Expect to see amazing photos from over my weekend, I plan to have a lot of pictures. Remember always be safe when you are up north; no drinking and driving any motor vehicle; be sure to always wear a life jacket when on the water; make this Victoria Day Weekend one you will never forget. Have fun!!

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