Dec 05

Warranty Elephant is New Age Memory Business

Warranty Elephant is an online warranty expiry reminder service. The website functions to help people of all nations, on all seven continents, manage different expiry dates on all types of consumer warranties. My friend showed me this site. I thought they used an elephant because it signifies safety – like Elmer the safety elephant, but he says it’s because the elephant has a long memory.

I wish I’d used the service to remember the warranty when I bought this…

Kitchen Gourmet 10 drip coffee maker cause its junk and broke and this picture shows the only pot it ever brewed. The darn thing was busted inside somewhere, and I remember well the hardware store receipt and the box on which was stenciled a warranty for six months. But of course I threw it all away the first morning I unpacked it and brewed java. The packaging and the warranty went to the curb mired in coffee grounds.

So that’s why Warranty Elephant will probably succeed, because so much modern manufactured goods are made to be disposable these days.

The Warranty Elephant Blog is the best place to learn about all types of different warranties and gain insights into the warranty expiry reminder service industry as a whole. Readers will learn what comes standard and what’s unusual, as there will be interviews with customer service experts, and lawyers and legislators and even letters from Warranty Elephant users will be included in the weekly offerings. The blog mission statement reads like this:

Warranty Elephant Blog details friends and experts, and communicates contests and events and chronicles the growth of, the best warranty expiry reminder service on the internet.

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