Apr 29

Muskoka Woods

The Christian Youth Resort welcomes all young children to have a life changing experience at a young age. All camp visitors choose from sport or water activities, media and arts, leadership or team building programs during the time of their stay. Muskoka Woods is an all seasoned resort as a non-profit organization that is located in Muskoka Lakes Township on Lake Rosseau. The resort is known for being safe and for kids to  ‘grow mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.‘ Your children can learn the ability to be creative, make new long lasting friends and become confident in their life.


This certain program are for students to enjoy their stay at the resort by participating and learning new strategies while also having fun. If you have no experience in any of the activities the Muskoka Woods staff will teach you step by step to make sure you succeed in your goals by acting safe. Expect to learn Archery to Zip Line, Skateboarding, Volleyball, Muskoka Woods Aerial Challenge Course, Team Building Activities, Mountain Biking, Inline Skating, Rock Climbing, Badminton, Basketball, Broomball, Skiing, Hockey, Golf, Hiking, Horseshoe, Snowshoeing, Soccer, Tubing and literally so much more.


Expect your kids to have a great time, but also expect them to get the nutrients they need at their age.Hot & Cold Cereal

Breakfast: Belgian Waffles, Sausages, Yogurt, Bagels, Ham & Eggs, Fruit Salad and Toast.

Lunch: 15-30 Item Salad Bar, Chicken Fingers, Fries, Fruit, Pasta & Meat Sauce, Home Made Bread

Dinner: 15-30 Item Salad Bar, Roast Beef w/ Peppercorn Gravy and Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes,Corn, Brownies

Snacks: Nacho & Salsa, Wings,  Fruit, Juice, Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate

Their are tonnes of learning opportunities for your kids while they can also enjoy their time as well.

Want to get rid of the kids for a weekend for a nice relaxing weekend in Muskoka? Bring your kids to Muskoka Woods; they will love it!

   Apr 28


Jeff Suddaby

Jeff Suddaby has been the owner & chef at 3 Guys and a Stove for the past nine years, the host on a television show Who’s Coming For Dinner which is at its 5th season, a host for a radio show From My Kitchen To Yours and the author of Who’s Coming For Dinner. His television show and radio show all benefit to his viewers/listeners for living a happy and healthy lifestyle by choosing the right choices in eating, but also enjoying what your mouth is tasting. He tries his best to draw attention to healthy eating while also teaching you quick and easy preparation methods when cooking meals for friends and family. His ‘eye-catching and mouth-watering dishes’ bring the message that cooking can be fun, simple and rewarding all at the same time.

3 Guys and a Stove

Since the past nine years Jeff and his crew have developed phenomenal foods with the pleasure of their unequivocal kindness to the guests. With the Muskoka atmosphere during the cooler days they provide two fireplaces;  during the summer you can enjoy two outdoor patios along with AC. With running a successful restaurant and business it is always a changing process throughout the year. On site you are able to see Jeff’s ‘private labeled food products’ along with his new cookbook as mentioned above. Are you a Vegetarian? Straight up Meat eater? or a Seafood Lover? Jeff provides food for everyone to enjoy. Each plate that is presented serves fresh herbs with Jeff’s garden patch which is actually on the premises. Jeff takes pride in his work and he respects all of his guests by welcoming them into his restaurant with open arms.

3 Guys and a Stove has 2 locations; Huntsville, ON and Collingwood, ON

Mon-Thurs 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Friday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Sunday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM



   Apr 27

Muskoka Wildlife Centre


The Muskoka Wildlife Centre is an interactive learning park, not a zoo. It is simply for families & interest groups to learn and explore more about Ontario’s wildlife. Muskoka Wildlife Centre is 100 acres of landscapes and exhibits of our natural world located in Severn Bridge; 20 minutes North of Orillia, Ontario. Most of the animals that live in the Centre were left abandoned or injured where they were not able to be released because of their condition. The ‘hand-raised’ and sociable; as staff call friends live year round at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre in what they call home; with its comfortable realistic natural enclosures. The park features a picnic area, gift/snack shop, food vendor and on-site & off-site interactive wildlife programming.


American Toad, Badger, Bald Eagle, Barn Owl, Beaver, Black Bear, Black Rat Snake, Blanding’s Turtle, Bobcat, Box Turtle, Bull Frog, Cottontail Rabbit, Cougar, Eastern Fox Snake, Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake, Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle, Fisher, Five-Lined Skink, Flying Squirrel, Garter Snake, Great Horned Owl, Green Frog, Grey Tree Frog, Groundhog/Woodchuck, Kestrel, Leopard Frog, Lynx, Northern Map Turtle, Marten, Milk Snake, Moose, Northern Bob White, Painted Turtle, Peregrine Falcon, Porcupine, Raccoon, Raven, Red Fox, Red-Tailed Hawk, Saw-Whet Owl, Snapping Turtle, Spotted Salamander, Stinkpot Turtle, Striped Skunk, Turkey Vulture, Wolf, Wolverine and Wood Turtle.

ON-SITE Interactive Park Programming

The Muskoka Wildlife Centre On-Site Program allows all visitors to experience an opportunity to interact and learn more about the seen wildlife in the park. Offered several times daily; this On-Site Program can feature seeking a bird of prey flying demonstration, wolf howling or even ‘Meet the Creature’ session where the workers provide full information on the creature. Visitors also have the opportunity to talk to the park rangers who take care of each individual animal. Their has also been programs for certain teachers, outdoor educators, students, Guide/Scout groups and elementary/secondary schools.

OFF-SITE Interactive Programming & Live Animal Outreach

Since 1989 ‘Speaking of Wildlife’ a.k.a the Off-Site Interactive Program has been Canada’s largest ‘live-animal’ program that has traveled across Ontario doing entertaining and educational presentations through thousands of groups. Of every presentation the educators bring some of the most interesting creatures from the park which gives the audience a better understanding and appreciation of wildlife today. The subjects may include anything from animal adaptions, social activity, habits and threats to nature.

The Muskoka Wildlife Centre is filled with staff and sponsors. To be apart of this amazing culture and to experience outstanding wildlife factors go to the website, they would love to have you.

Starting May 22, 2010 they will be open 7 days a week.

“Here at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre, we believe people protect
only what they love and can love only what they understand” – From the website

   Apr 23

Santa’s Village & Sportsland


In 1955 a group of local citizens thought Santa would like to have a summer cottage of his own and so Santa’s Village had been created. Santa liked the idea that he got his elves to build not just a cottage, but a village for everyone to enjoy during the summer time in Muskoka. Being said Santa directed the little elves to put in an amphitheater, wild Christmas games, also some outrageous roller coaster rides and who could forget the delicious foods. Bracebridge’s most popular attraction being Santa’s Village opens from June 19th that carries on until Labour Day Weekend. You can be ages 2-92 and spend the whole day surfing the Muskoka River, riding Santa’s train or Rudolph’s roller coaster or simply stay and feed the animals all day.


At Sportsland their is fun for all the family that can include anything from putting your driving skills to the test and check out the Go-Kart Track. Why not check out the Mister Rudolph’s Birdies & Bogeys 18 hole mini putt that has difficult challenges from Muskoka’s rockwork. How could you forget the Babe Rudolph’s Batting Challenge slow speed soft ball or 110/km/h fast ball. Laser Tag is a blast for the whole family to join in; which is located in the arcade; where all your fun games are.

Eaglecrest Aerian Park

Literally right beside Santa’s Village, Sportsland; Eaglecrest Aerian Park is something the whole family cannot miss. You can travel up to three hours with the 10-50 feet in forest canopy and experience wobbly bridges, monkey lines, flippy bridges, balance beams and of course who could forget the ultimate Tarzan ropes. Are you into a real thrilling ride? Check out the 350 ft zipline that crosses through water or even try out your awesome skills with the stars at night.


Located right beside the Muskoka River with also packages with admission to Santa’s Village; Santa’s Whispering Pines Campground has the full Muskoka experience for all the family fun. Enjoy the usual camping needs; fishing, swimming, beach, horseshoe, sports equipment, fire pits and playground for kids.


June 12 Guide and Scout Day, June 13 Service Club Day, June 14 – 18 School and Daycare Week, June 19 Santa’s Village 2010 Season Opening Day, June 20 Fire Fighters Day, July 1 Captain Ricky’s Birthday, July 3 Teacher’s Day, July 10 Community Living Day, July 17 Soccer Day, July 24 Lacrosse Day, July 31 Hockey Day, August 14 Dance Day, August 21 Emergency Medical Services Day, August 28 Muskoka Camp Day, September 4 Human Resources Professionals Day, September 12 Grandparent’s Day, December 18 Santafest

   Apr 22

Muskoka Lakes Music Festival

In 1996 The Muskoka Lakes Music Festival (MLMF) was developed into a charitable organization and its mission stated from the website was– “enrich the cultural fabric of the community by providing leadership in arts education and quality musical entertainment.” The MLMF hosts 8-10 concerts of different music genres at Muskoka lakes through the months of July and August; also with year long arts outreach programming in different schools across Muskoka which is the Kaleidoscope Arts in Education program. The Kaleidoscope Arts in Education Program offers over 40 professional artists in a variety of art programs that involve teacher’s from elementary and secondary schools. MLMF has hosted Flavours of Muskoka for the past six years which has over 25 chefs prepare meals for over 400 Muskoka tourists and local residence. The Muskoka Lakes Music Festival has also hosted CBC Radio reading of Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” which features a celebrity. Not only do these programs raise funds for the Kaleidoscope Arts in Education program, but they also attract many tourists and have fun filled activities year long.


“Muskoka Music Festival has established excellent and on-going partnerships with organizations such as the National Academy Orchestra, Port Carling Dinner Theatre, the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, the Avenue Road Art School – Summer School, Nipissing University, Georgian College, Muskoka Business Development Corporation, Muskoka Hotel, Navigation and Steamship Company and a number of resorts in the area to assist in promoting, strengthening and unifying arts and culture in the Muskoka region. We plan to continue to build our partnerships, including the business sector, particularly resorts (value-added) and heritage-related institutions and events, and are currently working on co-productions with young people’s theatre.”–From the website.

   Apr 21

Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower


In 1922 the first considered ‘Dorset Tower‘ was constructed to help stands of Timber from a forest fire, which is still on site today. In the 1960’s the government realized they had no purpose for the tower, but gradually started to see many tourists and residence appeal to the tower. On September 14th, 1967 the Minister of Land & Forests, the Hon. officially opened as “Dorset Scenic Observation Tower and Picnic Site,” that day over 8,000 people showed up to climb the tower.

The spring in 1999 the Hamlet of Dorset began and a new project involving a new kiosk & gatehouse took place that offers t-shirts, sweaters and baseball caps with the logo.  Today being the year 2010, the Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower is still opened and maintained by the Corporation of the Township of Algonquin Highlands and is known for 600,000 vehicles accessing the site.


Part of the Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower their is also a trail that can be followed which was made by deer that pass through the winter. Along the trail that runs through Dorset School and Highway 35; their are Guide Markers that show visitors tree and plant species.


Any type of vehicle: $5.00

Seasonal Pass: $18.00

Bus: $20.00

   Apr 20

Muskoka Party Rentals

Since 2003 Kim Rixon, founder of Muskoka Party Rentals has been helping people in the Muskoka cottage country area to have successful gathering all year round. Nothing is to big or to small for Muskoka Party Rentals; they can have up to 450 people to 8 people for a small dinner. The expanding of the company has made them to move to a new location in 2006 which is a lot easier for office space and warehouse equipment space. Muskoka Party Rentals allows students and people that would like to work full-time. Over the past 6 years Muskoka Party Rentals has helped with many fundraisers and non-profit organizations; which they hope to continue to participate in years to come. In February of this year Muskoka Party Rentals got a 5th location at 5 Ontario Street in Orillia, On.

The most popular attraction to purchase at Muskoka Party Rentals is the Cotton Candy Machine, PIG Roast, Propane Tank, Helium Tank and Linen which all have instructions to fully understand how to operate each of them.

Dinner/Glass Ware, Chairs, Bar Service, Cooking, Games, Tents, Tables, Serving, Balloons and of course anything for a wedding is to be expected ordered from the Muskoka Party Rentals.

“From Tents to Teaspoons” – Muskoka Party Rentals

27 Barron Drive, Bracebridge, ON

Phone: 705-645-2600

Email: info@muskokapartyrentals.ca

Open: Mon-Fri 9-5

   Apr 19



The Muskoka Cottage Brewery that makes the finest hand-crafted  beer; opened in 1996 by Kirk Evans and Gary McMullen. Located in the heart of Muskoka, 13Taylor Rd, Bracebridge Ontario; the Muskoka Cottage Brewery has the values of respect and honest relationships with any customer and business partners in Muskoka.


Freshness– The Muskoka Cottage Brewery is always committed to having the freshest beer year long by stating “Enjoy Before” dates on each canned beer. ‘They want you to taste fresh beer every time.’

Purity– What you will NOT find in Muskoka Cottage Brewery Beer: NO additives, NO preservatives, NO adjuncts and they NEVER pasteurize. ‘They brew beer the way it’s supposed to be.’

Independence– Muskoka Cottage Brewery is a Canadian-owned business.


Muskoka Cream Ale– Is a British-style cream ale. Voted ‘Best Canadian Ale‘ and ‘People’s Choice Award.’

Muskoka Dark Ale– Tastes a bit fruity and has a hint of caramel and chocolate.

Muskoka Hefe Weissbier– Is a fruity and spicy character that has a special strain of yeast.

Muskoka Premium Lager– Is all malt and is aged longer making it a balanced taste.

100% a Muskoka experience, the Muskoka Cottage Brewery hopes to see you soon!

   Apr 19

Robinson’s General Store


Since 1921 Robinson’s General Store has been operated by the same family which is located right in Dorset, Ontario on Main St. # 1061 right near the bridge. For anyone who passes along Haliburton or Huntsville area; the Robinson’s General Store is a “must see” attraction. At the beginning the store was only a 1200 square foot general store which serviced the logging industry. Like most places the Robinson’s General Store suffered dramatically through the depression. After a while a few more building structures took place at the store, making the store 15,000 square feet of retail space today. In the 1980’s all customers voted “Canada’s Best Country Store.”


The first generation of the family was Harry Robinson who grew up in Bracebridge and Marguerite Robinson who grew up in Dorset. They both owned the store right up until their deaths in 1975 and 1976.

The second generation was Brad Robinson who was the son of the first generation who grew up in the store and still works full-time today.

The third generation Joanne Robinson being Brad’s daughter grew up in Dorset and was raised working the store. Eventually she went off to University and in 1991 came back with her husband Willie Hatton and their baby Ryan.

The forth generation is Ryan Hatton who works part-time today.


Year round the store is open 7 days a week. With RRobinson’s General Store being right near tourist and cottage attraction, they become fairly busy during the months July and August, but winter everything slows down, which is to be expected. You are most likely to see the variety of foods that they sell that include fresh meats, produce, grocery and bakery. Especially to be found is the selection of hardware for all your building needs and a great selection of souvenirs.

   Mar 10

There’s a Geothermal Grasscutting Party on Lenzr this Month

There are four new contests on Lenzr this month and you HAVE to check them out if you want to win great prizes. I still can’t believe its all free. You don’t even have to upload a picture to have fun on here, its a blast just surfing through the images and seeing all the creative submissions

The first contest is sponsored by a Toronto party rentals company that’s located at 185 Eastern Ave. Have you ever planned and set up crazy wicked Backyard Party Events and do you have any pictures to prove it?

The prize your photo could win is a 10×10 Pop up Tent and a $500 Gift Certificate if you have the most registered votes. Who says you can’t throw a party in the winter anyways? Get those pictures up to get those votes!

The second contest is sponsored by geothermal installation company that is located in Cambridge Ontario. The most difficult contest yet, Fire and Ice should turn out interesting at the end seeing how I think it is safe to say that everyone has one or two photos of fire and ice.

The prize your photo could win is a GeoAir PCO Air Purifier. Get those pictures up; you’d be surprised how fast these contests go by and you need all the votes you can muster early on to be a contender.

The third contest is called How Green Are You? and is sponsored by a Toronto grass cutting company that’s possibly Canada’s greenest organic lawn care service company. This contest should be fairly easy seeing how the whole economy is going ‘green,’ and its all anyone talks about… Even a recycling bin shot could win this match and I can see a lot of pictures being posted for this one because the prize is so cool…

The prize is a Neuton CE6 battery powered lawnmower

If your photo ranks the highest at the end of the contest you win a Neuton CE 6 Battery-Powered Mower with DURACELL® battery technology. Now I’d say that is going green! What a wicked prize, I’ll be sure to get my photo’s up; I would love to win this mower!

The fourth contest is entitled  ‘Obsolete Office Equipment‘ and seeks to find the most out of date junk in the business arena.  The photo that ranks the highest at the end of the contest wins the prize. The challenge is sponsored by a business phones installation company that designs office communication systems. Have you taken any pictures lately of old fashioned phones, typewriters or basically anything that has to do with an office and was used ten or twenty years ago?

The prize you could win is a four line office telephone AT&T Model 1070

All four of these contests end at 12:01 A.M. on Saturday, May 1, 2010. Get those photos into the index to start earning points from votes and comments now. Time goes fast when you are having fun.