May 19



In 1981 Elaine Matthews along with 12 volunteers that were passionate about animals and determined to help abused, abandoned and neglected animals within the Muskoka community began to raise awareness by collecting funds to build a shelter for the creatures. For about four years the team worked restlessly by holding bake sales, setting up information booths at festivals and farmer markets and started to conduct events that include ‘Dog Walk-A-Thon,’ ‘Telethon‘ and also ‘Tag Days‘ where they would sell pet licenses. In 1985 with all the hard work Elaine and the team provided they finally opened up Muskoka’s first shelter, a school portable that is still used today. Over those years the shelter became a huge success in the community that was sometimes known as ‘The Little Shelter That Could‘ because of its ability to do so much with so little resources. For over 20 years the small branch has provided animal welfare services that include animal cruelty investigations, animal rescues, taking in animals and finding a home for them, abandoned and stray animals and humane education programs in Muskoka at local schools. In the last three years the shelter has improved dramatically for the benefit of the animals, staff, volunteers and visitors where they added an addition of three outdoor cat gazebos, eight new dog runs, a room for cats and also many safety and efficiency renovations. Each year individuals come forward to take their time and expertise by giving a better life for the abandoned, uncared animals.


The Ontario SPCA Muskoka Branch is part of over 50 Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(SPCA) branches that work together that provides care and shelter for over 10,000 animals a year.

Programs & Services they provide:

  • Cruelty Investigations
  • Sheltering and Adoptions
  • Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • Government and Industry Advocacy
  • Humane Education
  • Reducing Pet Overpopulation
  • Emergency Rescue and Treatment
  • Reuniting Lost Pets with their Owners
  • Family Violence Assistance Program

Adopt a pet in Muskoka today.

   May 18

Muskoka Heritage Foundation – Plant A Tree


The Foundation is committed to the history, culture, environment and also the quality of Muskoka. Muskoka is not only known for its miraculous natural artistry, but also its rich heritage. With its outrageous sky-high pine trees, rocky mountain cliffs, crystal clear lakes and sandy beaches; Muskoka is cherished through the summer time by cottagers and is adored by permanent residence. Their are over 420 rare species in Muskoka and since 1987 The Muskoka Heritage Foundation has been working to maintain all plants, animals and also water to create legacy of any forests, wetlands, uplands and the species they nurture. The Muskoka Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports, preserves and nurtures the whole environment in Muskoka.

What They Do

The Muskoka Heritage Foundation identifies important and troubled places in Muskoka. (Anyone is welcome to help, by suggesting a spot in Muskoka that needs protection.) They own and operate a conversation information centre where everyone is welcome which is located at Nine Taylor Road in Bracebridge, Ontario. The Foundation also provides workshops and they also work with other organizations with similar interests in Muskoka which are; The Parry Sound Muskoka Stewardship Network, The Ontario Nature Trust Alliance, and The Federation of Ontario Naturalists.


Through The Muskoka Heritage Trust Foundation, The Muskoka Heritage Foundation actually has nine Nature Reserves that has over one thousand acres; with that they also have partnerships with quite a number of community groups. In 2003 The Foundation hosted an ‘Ecology of the Night‘ which valued the night sky which they continue to do so each year. In 2006 they hosted the third annual ‘Muskoka Star Party‘ which was also a value to the night sky and also the memory of the black out in 2003. Over the past few years they hold an annual native tree and shrub sale that actually has added twelve thousand trees and shrubs in Muskoka.

How do we raise money?

All of the funds actually come from four different sources which include; Annual membership fees(Individuals/Foundations/Corporations), Donations from the Muskoka Heritage Legacy Fund, Fundraiser Events(Cruises/Auctions/Tours/Tournaments/Fees) and Project Grants from the Government and Foundations.

What Muskoka Girl will do!

In honour of my very good friend which was basically one of my brother’s who just passed away at war last Thursday I, Muskoka Girl along with many friends of McKay will be planting a tree at our cottage in Berks Falls, Spruce Dale, Round Lake. This is because it will remind us about our friend and how much he loved, enjoyed Muskoka, but also to respect the wildlife in Muskoka.

I hope all will respect people who fight for our country, but also for those who care and do so much in honour of our world, by planting trees.

   May 17

Muskoka 2010 Air Show

Muskoka 2010 Air Show; Thunder in Little Norway Air Show will thunder through the Muskoka Airport on July seventeenth and eighteenth to celebrate its seventieth anniversary of the Battle of Norway and the Battle of Britain; which were two major battles during the World War Two which actually help turn the tide of the war and show our freedom as we know of them today. The Norwegian is a special theme this year because of it being taken place at the Muskoka Airport which was actually the site of the Norwegian Airforce Training Base during WW11. In celebrating this airshow their will be a line up of WW11 fighters and also PT-26 Cornells that will be flown by the Norwegians at Little Norway. This certain show will feature performances in the sky from World War War Birds, Wing Walking Act, Stunt Planes and also a line up of static aircraft.

Their are going to many performances through out these two days. Respect the people who fought and lost their lives at war. They fought for our country and our rights today; raise your flag as a Canadian in honour of our loved ones.

   May 14

Muskoka Lover Died At War

Not only was he a son, a brother, a friend and one hell of a character, he was an amazing Canadian soldier that dedicated all he had to fight for our country. Kevin McKay grew up in Horse Shoe Valley, Barrie, Ontario, but his mind was always in the heart of Muskoka. He loved boating, fishing, chopping wood, building literally anything, playing guitar/drums and most of all he loved being around his friends and family. On Thursday, May 13th, 2010 Pte. Kevin Thomas McKay at the age 24 was doing an evening foot patrol in Nakhonay(A village of about 2,000 people) in Panjwaii/Afghanistan where an IED explosive device took off taking this young souls life just days before he would return home to his loved ones. I have known McKay for almost 10 years and he truly was a brother to me; we would bicker back & forth, pick on each other days in & days out, but at the end of the week we would just laugh about it. This is almost unbelievable and so unfair; I have never known someone close to me that has died so young and their is not one thing I can do. I will always remember you McKay and your never ending smile.

R.I.P. McKay….I will never forget you!

   May 13

Relay For Life in Muskoka

About the Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society was officially formed in 1938, but the Saskatchewan Medical Association was the first cancer committee in 1929. The committee was to inform residents about the awareness of cancer because by the time people talked with their doctor it was already to late for treatment making the chances of survival next to impossible. Other committees of Provincial Medical Associations eventually followed and in 1931 Canadian Medical Association’s National Study Committee on Cancer was formed. In 1935 the Governor General of Canada invited all Canadians to celebrate George V’s 25th anniversary of his coronation making donations to the King George V Silver Jubilee Cancer Fund making the campaign raise over $500,000 in that year. In 1937 the National Study Committee recommended the Canadian Society the Control of Cancer which was fully launched the next year. Since 1947 when the National Cancer Institute of Canada formed an agreement with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Federal Department of Health and Welfare the two organizations have worked for a certain goal.

Relay For Life in Muskoka

June 4th and June 5th

J.D. Lang Activity Park – Bracebridge Fairgrounds

The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is way more than just a fundraiser; it is especially unique and something you will not forget. Fight back for all the friends and family you have lost with this horrible disease. With everyone’s help in 2009 they raised over $48,500.

They need your help in 2010!

Sponsors: Scotia Bank, TV COGECO, Harvey’s and Oliver’s Coffee

   May 12

Victoria Day Weekend in Muskoka


Victoria Day; also known as May Long Weekend or May 2-4 is a Canadian Federal statutory holiday which is normally the last weekend of May; in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday and also known for the beginning mark of summer season. In 1845 it was passed through the parliament of the Province of Canada to recognize May 2-4 weekend as the Queen’s Birthday. The date in 1854 the Queens 35th Birthday over five thousand Canadian residents gathered themselves in front of the Government House in Toronto to give cheers to the queen. It is said on Victoria Day that the Royal Union Flag must be flown from sunrise to sunset at any federal building in Canada such as; airports, military campuses, banks ect. Victoria Day is celebrated by Canadians with parades, fireworks and is also known for a lot of summer business openings such as; outdoor restaurants, amusement parks, bicycle rentals and summer resorts.


Those are many different activities you can do in Muskoka all year long, but especially for Victoria Day weekend. Maybe you do not need help in planning your May 2-4 like me; I will be up at my cottage starting early May 21st running till May 24th. Expect to see amazing photos from over my weekend, I plan to have a lot of pictures. Remember always be safe when you are up north; no drinking and driving any motor vehicle; be sure to always wear a life jacket when on the water; make this Victoria Day Weekend one you will never forget. Have fun!!

   May 11

Purina Walk For Dog Guides In Muskoka


Purina Walk for Dog Guides is a national event that takes place in over 180 Walks in Canada. The Lion’s Foundation is at its largest single fundraiser all thanks to Nestlé Purina PetCare Canada and also their other national sponsors; especially for making 100% of the funds go directly to a training of a work dog that provides as a Dog Guides. It is held mostly in the Spring time by local volunteers with the support of The Lion’s Foundation of Canada. They are trying to reach goals for the number amount of Canadians that are in need of Dog Guides. Purina Walk for Dog Guides not only help raise awareness and money they also encourage families to go out and have a fun filled day by participating in the walk with or without your friendly furry little animal. All the money that is raised goes to this important program where you yourself could win a prize.


You can bring yourself, friends, family and of course your pets for this half hour walk that starts at Town Dock in Parry Sound at the Parry Sound Lions Club on June 13, 2010 at 1 pm. You can visit the website or contact Bob Young or Shirley Little.


  • Join a local Walk organization.
  • Help distribute pledges, get support from sponsors, get your community involved.
  • On the WALK day you could be a route marshal or hand out water and much more.
  • Get the Lions Foundation of Canada to help you.

Unfortunately I will not be going to the one in Parry Sound, but I will be going to one in Midland, Ontario.

   May 07

Mother’s Day in Muskoka


Some time ago every Spring the people in Ancient Greece paid a tribute to Rhea which was the Mother of the Gods. Later in History it was stated that England paid respect to mothers on ‘Mothering Sunday’s‘ the fourth Sunday of Lent (An annual season in prep for Easter; which lasts 40 days to Easter). In 1872 Julia Ward Howe who wrote the words in the song ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic‘ proposed the idea of ‘Mother’s Day,’ but Miss Anna M. Jarvis from Philadelphia began this letter campaign to the people that made Mother’s Day a national holiday. In 1907 two years after Miss Anna Jarvis’s mother passed away Anna celebrated Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May. In 1908 Philadelphia celebrated Mother’s Day and in 1910 the first Mother’s Day was issued to a governor of West Virginia and Oklahoma. By 1911 almost every state celebrated Mother’s Day and it was officially adopted to the world by May 8th, 1914. And so it began, every second Sunday in May Mother’s Day had become a day where children and grandchildren would show their love and respect to their moms or grandmothers.

Walking in My Mother’s Shoes/Mother’s Day Weekend

This coming Saturday and Sunday at The Rosseau, A JW Marriot Resort & Spa; 1050 Paignton House Rd. Minnet, Ontario will be the forth annual Walking in My Mother’s Shoes Event; which is an “exploration of motherhood and tribute to mother’s.

Saturday: 7pm – 9pm their will be music, poetry and spoken word tributes to all mothers.

Sunday: 10am – 4pm their will be a visual exhibit and an interactive Spirit Painting workshop.

What do you have planned for your mother this year? I plan on sitting back and relaxing with my mom along with eating some juicy crab legs.

   May 05

Captain Action Charters


In 1988 Mike Bertelson started his career as a fishing guide for the Muskoka region and almost twenty years later he runs one of the most successful fishing guide services in Ontario. Mike is a fairly busy guy that spends over 200 days a year on the water tracking fish species and the proper bait as the water drops in temperature that will guarantee his clients the best success possible. Over the years in his career he has been featured on many television shows giving tips to all his viewers anything from which type of fishing line to use or the proper colour of a fish lure to use. At numerous Bass Pro Shop events Mike also does seminars during the summer and he also attends fishing shows to give tips to the community. During the winter Mike and his family travel outside of Canada at Everglades National Park and Fort Myers to fish for Sharks, Snook, Redfish, Trout and Tarpon.


Captain Action Charters is home to the Muskoka and Algonquin Park & Lake of Bays. Are you trying to specialize in Spinning, Baitcasting and also Flyfishing for Northern Pike, Smallmouth/Largemouth Bass, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Walleye or Muskie? Well Mike has been traveling the Muskoka/Georgian Bay region his whole life and has been a fishing guide for almost 20 years around Lake Muskoka, Lake Rousseau, Lake Joseph, Huntsville’s chain of lakes, Lake of Bays, Algonguin Park and Georgian Bay. If you are in and around any of these lakes during the seasons Mike can arrange a pick up and provide you with the best tackle equipment for your desired needs of what ever fish species you are looking to fetch. Along with Mike’s helpful tips & tricks he will help you become a better angler. If you want to become a pro in fishing call Mike today.


April-May: Lake Trout

May-June: Brook Trout

June: Pike, Walleye and Bass (end of month)

July-August: Bass (Pike & Walleye too)

Sept-Oct: Smallmouth Bass

   Apr 30



In 1941 a man named Gerry Patrick Dunn developed and designed the most striving dance pavilion known in Ontario’s cottage country. In 1942 the doors opened as ‘Dunn’s Pavilion‘ where many were attracted to the idea; wearing their finest dress’s and nicest ties; making the pavilion a major success 6 days a week. Famous entertainers from all across the world became to know of Dunn’s Pavilion as a huge hit spot for the music industry making Gerry’s pavilion a huge success as a Canadian dance hall all summer long. The hall was surrounded in palm tree’s, hanging plants, a fountain with lights in the middle of the 100 foot dance floor, ceiling covered in silver cedar and who could forget the the stage; that was made to look as a small cottage. On most nights couples would travel to the large balcony where they could gaze into the Muskoka stars and watch the waves brush up against the boats in front of cottages. Little did Gerry know that years upon years would come and the pavilion would remain open to the community every summer; changing the name to The KEE to BALA that continued to draw dancers that insisted on a good time just like their parents or grandparents had.


Now a days The Kee To Bala is still a huge success at the Bala Bay and still brings many famous musicians from today’s society attracting of over 1000 people.

Dance Floor: 3000 Square Foot, Stage: 800 Square Foot, 5 Bars, Red Velvet Curtains, Patio Access, Ticket Booth, Kitchen and Bus Service.







July 31 & August 1: SAM ROBERTS BAND