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2011 End Of Summer Muskoka Events

Well, I do not know about you, but my summer went as fast as a blink of an eye and unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to plan everything I wanted to do. My boyfriend wanted to plan a weekend getaway to a Toronto bed and breakfast and take me to a Yorkville salon to spoil me this year because basically all I do is work, but once again work got in the way. I am at least hoping I can fill in my weekends this August with some end of the summer events such as overcoming my air freight because I will actually be traveling this Winter with my mom. Or at least I can finally replace my furnace that should of been in the garbage so long ago, but aside from all those things that I need to do I want to have fun and most importantly in Muskoka!So what are your plans for the end of the summer? Are you planning something to make your 2011 Summer fascinating from the rest? Below you will find four ways on how to make it your best:

Dockside Festival

The Dockside festival consists of over 80 artisans and craftspeople across Canada where there will be shopping for everyone including: Entertainment, prizes and do not forget that this is the 20th Annual Dockside Festival located at the Muskoka Wharf.

On Friday, August 19th, 2011 this shopping event will begin which will run until Sunday, August 21st, 2011.

For more information about the Dockside Festival event, click the link.

Bedouin Sound Clash

Canadian band, Bedouin Soundclash is currently based in Toronto, Ontario that distinguishes reggae and ska music to their fans. Currently the band consists of Vocalist/Guitarist Jay Malinowski, Bassist Eon Sinclair and Drummer Sekou Lumumba

On Saturday, August 20th, 2011 Bedouin Sound Clash will be playing in Muskoka at The Kee To Bala. The event will start at 9 PM and will run until the party ends – Pricing starts at $38.99.

For more information and to buy tickets for the Bedouin Sound Clash event, click the link.

Muskoka Beer Festival

The annual Muskoka Beer Festival has over 20 craft breweries that will serve more than 75 different types of beers. The first year that the festival took place on had over 700 paying customer and each year it almost doubled. This year they are hoping to have 2000 paying customers.

On Saturday, August 27th, 2011 the Muskoka Beer Festival will take place starting at 8PM at Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge, Ontario.

For more information and to buy tickets for the Muskoka Beer Festival event, click the link


Luke Boyd a.k.a. Classified was born on December 13th, 1977 in Enfield, Nova Scotia which is known as a Canadian rapper and producer.

On Saturday, August 27th, 2011 Classified will show an appearance at the The Kee To Bala in Muskoka where he will present his rapping skills to his fans. The event will start at 9 PM and will run until Classified says so – Pricing starts at $38.99.

For more information and to buy tickets for the Classified event, click the link.

So now that you have four incredible events in front of your eyes, which one will you choose from? Or why not try to go to all of them as I am sure I will!

   Jun 20

Canada Day 2011, What’s Up Muskoka?

How perfect is this, Canada Day falls on a Friday this year, do you have any plans? Well, I really hope that you do not have to work on that day for an Ottawa roofing company or even worse working as a sunrooms specialist because I heard it is going to be one hot one, especially in Muskoka!

Okay, so you’re all finished up with your Toronto accountants and have paid your taxes in full and you even registered your son already for an IT Staffing class in the best school in the GTA, so now what? Well, seeing how the first day of Summer was only eight days ago and Canada Day is just TWO days away, it sort of makes sense to start your summer already. So, what are you waiting for? Oh that is right..I guess you need to know what is going on, so that is why I am here to help.

What’s Happening On Canada Day in Muskoka?

Celebrate Canada! Strawberry Social & Steam-up Day!

Muskoka Heritage Place is located in the centre of Huntsville, Ontario that features two museums, 18 authentic pioneer buildings, an open-aired train ride which is all situated on 90 acres of land. There are lots of entertainment year long where you can educate and stimulate the historic senses in their Museum, Pioneer Village or on board the Portage Flyer Train.

When: July 1, 2011 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Where: Muskoka Heritage Place, 88 Brunel Road, Huntsville, P1H 1R1
What: Museum, costumed narrators, historical demonstrations, strolling minstrels.
Lots to do, lots to see, and lots of celebration.

Weekend Long Activities @ Deerhurst Resort

Deerhurst Resort is located on 800 acres of rolling, wooded countryside on Peninsula Lake in Muskoka, Ontario. Deerhurst Resort has a natural setting and a rich heritage which is famed for its 1,600 fresh water lakes and outcroppings. Muskoka has been a vacation retreat from families of all kinds since the 19th century which is nearby Algonquin Park and home to many acclaimed artists, the Group of Seven which offers a legendary Canadian wilderness experience.

July 1st: Bike Tours, Volleyball, Waterski Shows, Workshops and Live Shows
July 2nd: Paddle Clinic, Ball Hockey, Boat Rides, Workshops, Hiking and Live Shows
July 3rd: Basketball

Where: 1235 Deerhurst Drive Huntsville, ON P1H 2E8

Port Sydney Beach Canada Day Celebration

Port Sydney is a historic growing community located about 12 km South of Huntsville on Highway 11. The town is on the shores of beautiful Mary Lake and the upper North Muskoka River. Multiple guests are attracted by the scenery, Port Sydney Beach, boating, fishing, golfing, biking, fall colours, history and the historic homes and churches.

When: July 1, 2011  10:30 am – 3:30 pm
Where: Port Sydney Beach Muskoka Road 10, Mary Lake, Port Sydney
What: Sand Castle Building, Activities, Hat Parade, Face-Painting, BBQ and Live Music

So, what are you waiting for – get out there and start planning the rest of your summer!

Monty Black’s Deck Party on Lake Joseph

Well, my Canada Day turned out pretty wicked, I hit up Lake Joesph with a few friends where Monty Black through a private deck party for friendly cottagers. We all sat around the boat house in the blazing hot sun where there was a bbq, chairs and a huge crowd of people from all over the region.

That had to of been the best Canada Day I have ever had and I cannot wait until next year, I bet I know where I will be going.

What did everyone else get up to on their Canada Day? I bet it was just as fun-filled as mine was.

   May 13

How To Get A Summer Job In Muskoka

Summer is literally right around the corner and that clock is ticking to get that summer job in Muskoka. Muskoka is especially busy throughout the summer months and that means there are probably not many jobs left. Do you want to know how to get a summer job in Muskoka? Below I have listed a few key tips on how to get that summer job!

1. Start Searching NOW. Right now employers are looking to hire and that means you should be out searching right now. I mean if you want to compete with others to find a summer job once everyone else is out for summer break, then go right a head, but seriously do yourself a favour and start looking for the right jobs, right now.

2. Focus Mostly On Your Strengths. Do you have a completely flexible schedule? Are you social media savvy? Are you a people person and is highly organized? Well, if so make sure your potential employers know all about it. Even if you have never had a job before, you have extremely strong points as an employee. If you are having difficulties knowing your strengths, ask your friends and family for input.

3. Present Yourself Well. If you present an error-free job application and show up on time, well-dressed to your interviews, is no longer a way to actually stand out 0 it is a way to make sure you do not get eliminated right a way. There is plenty of competition for jobs, especially in the summer time, so do not give the potential employers any reason to overlook you, or they will.

4. Your Resume. Even though you may not have a lot of job experiences, it is still good to have a professional resume. You need to write down all of your past job experiences, education and volunteer work. A good idea would to have a friend or family member look over your resume or maybe hire a resume consulting company so you can be satisfied with your resume and know you have a better chance at getting the job.

5. Don’t Search, ASK. Make sure that you let your family, friends and anyone you can think of that you are currently looking for a summer job in Muskoka. You would be surprised by how many people might know that right person that will lead you to a job. If you had a job last summer, your last job should of course be your first stop. Many manager are happy to hire an employee that they have currently worked with in the past because it will be less training.

If you are ready, go out and start searching for that summer job in Muskoka NOW!


   Apr 27

The Four Seasons Of Muskoka

Muskoka is not just Ontario’s most favourite year round vacation destination, but actually the whole globe from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. With 2500 square miles of exceeding pines, dazzling lakes and rivers, endless sporting activities, variegated culture and friendly customer service, Muskoka will have you by its’ chain in no time!

Not only is Muskoka a 90 minute drive from Canada’s business capital and Pearson International Airport, but when you reach Highway 11 North at Severn Bridge and Highway 400 North at Port Severn you will immediately feel the magic. Pink and purple granite rock will surround you like the Canadian Shield, the blast sounds of Muskoka’s multiple waterfalls and enhancing allure of the towns and villages will galvanize your character and imagination.

Branching from the broad wilderness of Algonquin Park East to the weathered windswept shores of the Georgian Bay Islands West, the District of Muskoka includes the jewel towns of Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Huntsville, also the townships of Georgian Bay, Lake of Bays and Muskoka Lakes. Each remarkable land offers a unique experience with multiple activities, attractions, adventures and accommodations, so be sure you do not miss out on the entire region during your stay through Spring to Winter.

Muskoka really is a four season vacation destination; mother nature simply just changes the colours and temperatures. Where you visit during the fall, winter, spring or summer, every season offers an extraordinary vacation experience. You could be exploring one of the well maintained trails on a bike, snowmobile, skis/snowshoes or even paddling on a lake, boating or fishing on the many crystal clear lakes, or possibly pampering yourself at a spa. Take a trip to a local restaurant or read your favourite book on the famous Muskoka chairs, or maybe practicing that perfect swing at one of the championship golf courses, regardless taking a vacation in Muskoka will catch your heart and ease your soul.

Revitalization For Your Soul

During the Spring, Muskoka enlivens all senses and entices the need to get out and explore the world. Buds are blooming after it’s winter hibernation, warmer days start to erupt and are perfect for hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking on trails, lakes and rivers. Night time is not too cold nor too warm, stars are ever so bright, why wouldn’t you want to sit back and relax on a dock and count the constellations?

The snow is slowly melting, the sap starts dripping from the tree’s which means maple syrup will be on all breakfast tables. Tee-off time quickly becomes popular once again, Muskoka’s 21 championship golf courses has one just for you regardless of your budget or level of play. Head north to explore all the antique stores, unique shopping stores, roadside emporiums, art galleries and so much more for you and your family.

Visiting in Springtime at the Waterfall Capital of Canada with over 24 waterfalls will leave you feeling cool and fresh while the water brushes against your skin.

Party In Muskoka

Now the real party begins. Swimming, wake-boarding, water skiing, fishing or boating, you really do feel the Muskoka spirit during the summer months. Is it the water, the nature, the culture that inspires, soothes and revives your senses? Summer in Muskoka is not complete without a sunset cruise on one of Muskoka’s gorgeous glittering lakes or sitting near the dock taking in the view of a glamorous Muskoka cottage.

Do not forget about Muskoka’s famous festivals, events and concerts this summer. Fireworks, boat displays and antique art and craft shows are piling up on Muskoka’s Calendar..reserve your spot now to kick back and watch the fireworks explode in the air.

From shootin’ hoops to running in horseshoes to singing by the fire to splashing in the waves and learning how to water ski, multiple Muskoka resorts offer families of all sizes a vacation of a lifetime. Visit Santa’s Village, engage yourself at Muskoka Heritage Place, explore Muskoka’s many museums for an educational vacation. Roast S’mores by the cozy fire, play the guitar with friends, moments that you could never forget.

Want to really blow your mind and get close to nature? Ever try camping? Muskoka is a key spot for regular campers, with multiple parks, campgrounds, RV parks. You can choose anywhere from rugged, rocky sites of Georgian Bay Islands National Park or the wilderness adventures of Algonquin Provincial Park, plus many in between.

Whether you are a 90 year old or a kid at heart, summertime in Muskoka is truly the place you want to be.

Living In Colours

Fun never has to end after Labour Day weekend; with Muskoka’s beautiful uplifting fall colours it’s just like a living canvas.

Great time to improve your swing at golf or back pack through crimson trails, the leafy covered forests and get nice and cozy in front of a bursting fire. Enjoy the view or yourself at a luxuriating spa or take in a show.

Fall is a great time to get out and seek all of the talented and award-winning artists. What’s a better way of seeing artists work in progress. Also do not forget the mouth watering experience of Muskoka’s international award-winning Chef’s.

White Wonderland

Arriving in Muskoka during the winter months seems discouraging to most, but once you see the glorious winter wonderland, it will really bring out the kid in you. Snowball fights, snowmen, snow forts, snow angels, winter festivals and carnivals, skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, dog sledding, snow shoeing and sleigh rides is just a small amount of activities you can enjoy while in Muskoka during winter.

One of the most popular and thrilling would be the experience of snowmobiling through more than 2,000 kilometers of groomed snowmobile trails. Next on the list of winter things to do would be to try out dog sledding, there’s nothing more exciting then learning how to harness a dog and swooshing along side the forest trails with wind blowing straight in your face. Also Muskoka has over 600 kilometers of cross country ski trails and downhill ski and snowboarding facilities at Hidden Valley Ski in Huntsville.

For those people that love to keep cozy and cuddle with loved ones, Muskoka’s resorts, bed and breakfast and Inns will have you in the passion in minutes.

If you are with the other thousand seasonal property owners, consider yourself lucky and busy throughout the whole year. Not only are their fun, exciting and thrilling things to do year long, but your whole family can and will enjoy it.

   Apr 20

Why You Should Take a Road Trip Through Canada this Spring

Ah, spring is here. Unless winter intends to shake off a last minute blizzards, you can look forward to those long days of light and warmth, and all the activities you’ve been longing to enjoy. You’re probably already planning a ton of A drive to Banff National Park can lead you to majestic scenary and memorable activities. BBQs, sport days and outings. And then there the vacations. If you didn’t have a chance to escape winter, and want to travel, you might want to use this time to take a trip. However, flying to a tropical getaway may be hard on your wallet. But there is an alternative – a drive through Canada. You might not see the appeal of a Canadian road trip immediately, but embarking on such an adventure can bring you long lasting memories and savings down the road.

What Canadians Often Forget When Vacationing

The allure of basking on white sand under the sun while gazing into a turquoise ocean is hard to resist for many. After all, where in Canada can you find such settings? However, it’s not unusual to find Canadians ignoring their circumstances, planning a trip they might not be ready for. Sometimes it’s fine to venture out on an impromptu trip, but it isn’t something you should do unless you are confident in the stability of your finances.

Vacations Can Lead to Debt

A vacation is supposed to leave a person feeling refreshed and energized afterwards. Yet so many people return to their respective homes feeling more stress than they did before leaving. Why? The cost of their trip, which was simply too much for their budget, has led them into debt. For example, it’s not unusual for the average Canadian to spend $1500 – $2000 on a vacation. This cost often covers ticket and hotel fees, although some vacationers spend this much without having all of these things accounted for. And these fees are generally for each person. It’s also important to mention that some people are prone to overspending when travelling abroad, and these ones may impose additional expenses on their credit card. These debts may take months, if not years to pay off.

Vacations May Add Onto Existing Debts

The expense of a vacation itself may not cause too much strain, but it can certainly add onto your plate. In other words, taking an expensive trip at the wrong time can make existing debts difficult to diffuse. Imagine how tough it would be if you had vacation expenses piled onto student debt. Or imagine having to deal with a bad credit car loan while paying for travel expenses. For many Canadians, there’s a mortgage and other lingering fees from large purchases (ie. furniture, electronics). It’s unfortunate to see many Canadians who don’t pay close attention to their financial situation, getting buried under additional debts due to vacations. However, you avoid this.

The Location of Your Vacation Matters

You’ve probably heard people say, “it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there.” In the grand scheme of life, it’s a great adage to follow. However, when keeping your credit and finances in good condition, you’ll want to take such advice lightly. How you get there and where you go can cost you a lot in the long run. An all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean, Europe or Australia may seem like the dream of a life-time, but it would certainly leave your pockets dry if you didn’t have the budget for it to begin with. These locales are exotic and in high demand, making it easy for hotels and airlines to jack up their prices. Does that mean you should forget about them altogether? No. With that said, you shouldn’t throw yourself into a well of debt if you won’t be able to climb out.

Hit the Road Jack…In Canada

You need not feel at a loss if you can’t fly off to a far away destination- there are alternatives. Why not consider the great locales of Canada? To put things into perspective, Canada is 9,984,670 km², making it the second-largest country in the world after Russia. There are six time zones and thanks to its geographical location, there is a diverse range of landscapes to see. In fact, Canada is home to some breathtaking scenery, which you wouldn’t find elsewhere. And all of these sights are yours to see by means of a road trip. The good news too, is a Canadian road trip has many advantages over a flight to another a country.

It’s Often Cheaper to Travel Within Canada

Vacation packages aren’t getting much cheaper. Sure, you can find deals here and there, but the rising cost of fuel (airplanes), along with the economical conditions of other countries are making travel a bit more expensive for us all. Compare this to a roadtrip. Although you will have to pay for gas, food and lodging, the costs of these necessities may not amount to the fee associated with flight. Even if a road trip costs nearly the same amount as a flight, it can still be affordable since the cost is often shared (you can split the bill). For a flight, however, each traveller may have to spend $2,000 or more. Therefore, if you’re looking to see new places without having to spend too much money, a Canadian road trip is worth your while.

See New Sides of the Country

Want to see the high tides? Venture out to the Bay of Fundy. As was mentioned earlier, Canada is a huge country. Within its vastness, there are picturesque landscapes that you may not see elsewhere, and many of them will literally leave you in awe. A big aspect of travelling anywhere is the opportunity to explore its sights and attractions. Canada offers plenty of unique scenes. Majestic mountains with snowy peaks, dense forests of towering trees, winding roadways along coastlines that stretch into the horizon – you name it, Canada’s got it. There aren’t many countries that offer such diversity and if they do, you might have dish out a lot for it. So embarking on such a road trip may change your life.

Regions to Explore

Maritime Canada

  • Cape Spear (Newfoundland) – Sight of historic lighthouse (dating back to 1836) overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Also, Canada’s easternmost point.
  • Bay of Fundy (Nova Scotia/New Brunswick) – Home of the world’s highest tides.
  • Green Gables (Prince Edward Island) – 19th century farm in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island; also setting in the famous literary novel, “Anne of Green Gables”

Pacific Canada

  • Banff and Jasper National Parks (Alberta) – Skiing, fishing, mountaineering, hiking and incredible sightseeing of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Vancouver Island Redwood Forests (British Columbia) – Witness some of the world’s tallest and oldest trees.
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge (British Columbia) – Vancouver’s oldest attraction, you can walk over a canyon floor at a height of 226 feet above ground.

Central/Eastern Canada

  • Hudson Bay (Manitoba) – Get up and close with Beluga whales and polar bears.
  • Niagara Falls/Maid of the Mist (Ontario) – You may have journeyed to falls, but it’s time to get sprayed by them.
  • M/V Louis Joliet (Quebec) – See the Chateau Frontenac while cruising along the St. Lawrence river.

A World of Attractions in Your Backyard <h2tags>

While some getaways may only offer you pretty beaches or a buzzing nightlife, Canada offers you much more than you can digest in a single day. And the beauty of it all is the accessibility. There is unparalleled diversity in terms of sightseeing and activities, and you should consider making one of these Canadian destinations the next place you visit. Ultimately, you can see these grand sights without spending the prices commonly imposed on those looking to fly out of the country. This is a big deal for those of you who already have debts from mortgages, a car loan or student expenses. So if you’re looking to win all across the board, consider taking a road trip across Canada this spring!

   Apr 12

Muskoka Wellness Clinic

Wellpath Clinic Port Carling, Muskoka is not only a family and community wellness center dedicated to helping improve the quality of you and your family’s life, but they use a natural approach to wellness that is extremely safe and effective in treating the root of most common illnesses. Dr. Nobrega-Porter, one of the naturopathic practitioners helps you and your family live a healthy life by specializing in prevention and providing knowledge to help her patients fully understand what needs to be done to live a healthy life.

At this Muskoka location they offer primary health care to the local Muskoka community and is open all seasons. They are extremely excited to offer their leading-edge prevention programs to Muskoka businesses, individuals and families:

WorkWell Sustainable Team Wellness and Prevention Program

Is about helping you achieve your wellness and to sustain a good health by building new health habits. This will also improve your quality of life.

LiveWell Personal Wellness & Prevention Program

With this program it will provide you with a comprehensive annual health examination and a science based program, so that each patient can reach a health goal over a 12 month period.

This certain location is not exactly like all the other Wellpath Clinic’s, it is unique in its own way that offers fitness classes, healthy cooking classes, special guest speakers and other health and prevention events. Each of these classes and events are offered throughout the whole year, so be sure to check out the Wellpath Clinic Event would not want to miss out! (Special pricing for members of the Muskoka Lakes Association.)

   Feb 25

Muskoka Lawn Care

You could live in Toronto, in a small city…but when you live up in Muskoka..having a luscious, vibrant, green lawn is extremely important for most people. And that is because hundreds of people from all around the world have vacations in Muskoka. Below I will give you five tips on how to get that Muskoka lawn everyone should have.

#1 – Aeration

Aeration is extremely important when doing maintenance of a healthy lawn because it will actually allow improved gas and nutrient exchange between air and roots. Over time your lawn can become more compact which prevents water from reaching the roots and aerating offers the exact solution for that problem. By punching holes throughout your lawn, it will create a space that not only allows for a better exchange of nutrients, but it also will help reduce soil compaction. When the soil gradually expands the remaining soil will loosen and create a less compaction in the turf.

#2 – Dethatching

Thatch is simply the portion of your lawn above the soil that is made up of both living and dead organic matters. Stems, roots and crowns of grass plants is what actually comprises the thatch layer. Each and every lawn is susceptible to thatch and it can be dealt with in small amounts. When the thatch area becomes too large it will create a problem.

Once the thatch grows large enough it can actually reduce the amount of water and nutrients that reaches the root system of your lawn. Thatch can also house a variety of insects and spores that will damage the health of your lawn and cause a thinning of plants and possible death.

Yearly aeration is a great way to keep the thatch levels low. It is used to either puncture the thatch and have better drainage or break it apart to mix with the soil and increase decomposition. If your lawn is damaged already, the best thing to do would be to use slice, seeding, punching holes in the thatch to reach the beneath soil which will sink the seeds. The loosened thatch can be raked hard or removed by a vacuum to ensure that the levels do not grow too large.

In certain situations, a power dethatcher may be best to improve the overall health of your lawn. It uses blades that are angled that pulls the thatch for easy removal. Spring is usually the best time to do dethatching.

#3 – Fertilizing

Fertilizing is key in maintaining a healthy, attractive looking lawn. A proper fertilizer should help both leaf and root growth and also make your grass look a lot greener and vibrant. When your lawn is given better tools it can be protected better against harmful insects, weeds and also tough weather conditions. By having a healthy lawn it will last a lot longer and recover a lot faster from trauma rather than unfertilized lawns.

#4 – Mowing

It is also extremely important to keep your lawn trimmed nicely and on a regular basis. If your grass grows too long before you cut it, it actually could suffer a shock because too much of the plant has been taken off. This could make your lawn more susceptible to plant diseases. If you tend to cut your lawn very short and too frequently you may also stress the plant and weaken it against diseases. Be sure to cut no more than one-third of grass blade and give it time to grow again.

#5 Weed & Pest Control

Weed and pest control is necessary for any type of lawn and everyone should use it.

For information on a full lawn repair check out this blog article How To Do Proper Lawn Repair.

   Feb 15

What’s In Store For 2011 In Muskoka?

Instead of sitting at home for the next seven months watching boringgggg TV shows on an Ontario microFit program or reading how manufacturing software can be easy, why not try something completely new and interactive this summer up in Muskoka? Maybe your wife wants to see a marriage counsellor to spark up your relationship or your mother wants you to help her workers install rigid foam insulation? All of those seem like it could waste your whole summer, now lets do something about it!

Instead of getting help to spark up your relationship with your wife, why not take a dance class – I am sure your wife would really appreciate you and would reconsider finding help. Helping your mother almost seems obligating, but why not suggest helping out with something else around the house…maybe not so complicating such as installing new wall systems? See, there are always ways around things you do not agree upon, you just have to make fun of it all!

Now that the wife and mother are happy, it is time to sit back and relax, but not so fast…you have to remember to have fun too and at times it can seem like it can be a little bit of work! This summer would be perfect to renovate your cottage – maybe you could spruce it up with some new patio furniture or hire a home staging professional to re-decorate the whole place…I am sure your wife would be thrilled! A good idea to think about would be to look at some swimming pools so when you are not up at your cottage you can cool off after those long work days.

Want to get out and about this summer and see what is really going on in Muskoka? Check out this Muskoka Calendar.

Muskoka’s Coolest 2011 Events

Animal Shelter for Huntsville ANNUAL DINNER & AUCTION:

What: Buffet from the Family Restaurant. Doors open at 5 PM, Dinner is at 6 PM, Auction is at 7:30 PM.

When: Monday, March 21, 2011 (All Day Event)

Where: Animal Shelter for Huntsville

Cost: $35

Any money raised will go in support to Huntsville Animal Shelter.

The International REEL Paddling Film Festival:

What: The Film Festival has the world’s best paddling films to audiences in Canada, US and around the world. It inspires people to explore rivers, lakes and oceans, push physical and emotional extremes, embrace and appreciate the heritage of the places we paddle in.

When: Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 7-10 PM

Where: Charles W. Stockey Centre, Parry Sound

Cost: $15

Money will be donated to the Global Medic.

Dala: 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for Vocal Group of the Year:

What: Female duo, Dala are proud recipients of the 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for Vocal Group of the Year, and have established themselves as major rising stars in the pop-folk circuit.

When: Friday, May 27th, 2011, 8PM

Where: Charles W. Stockey Centre

Cost: $35

Dorset inaugural Ladies Night is SPA NIGHT:

What: All ladies can join in for an evening of fun at this new monthly activity.

When: Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 at 7PM

Where: Dorset Recreation Centre

Cost: $5

Joe’s Team Triathlon:

What: Asking all athletes to take part in a day of swimming, biking and running, followed by a concert by The Jim Cuddy Band.

When: Saturday, July 9th, 2011 at 7 AM

Where: CNIB Lake Joseph

Cost: $100


What: An annual regatta, dance and celebration.

When: Monday, August 1st, 2011 (All day)

Where: MacTier Public Beach

Cost: Free

So, instead of sitting at home watching TV, reading books on how to do things and helping around the house why not go out and do something for yourself for once? Before you know it, summer has already passed us by….why not make the most out of it, so you can remember this summer vacation at its best!

Look forward to more events in Muskoka!

Remember, Be Safe, Don’t Drink & Drive this summer!

   Feb 10

Valentine’s Day In Muskoka

What Is Valentine’s Day?

Saint Valentine’s Day, as we know it Valentine’s Day, is an annual celebration held on February 14th where family, friends and loved ones celebrate their love and affection to one another. Valentine’s Day is named after early Christian saints called Valentine and was established in 500 AD by Pope Gelasius I. The Roman calendar of saints deleted the celebration in 1969 by Pope Paul VI, but its religious observance was still permitted. It is a traditional day where people of any kind express their true love for each other by giving presents of flowers, jewellery and Valentine cards. In the “High Middle Ages” when courtly love flourished, is when the day first became associated with love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Symbols for Valentine’s Day can include anything from heart-shaped outlines, doves and cupid. In the 19th century lovers would hand write Valentines.

What Is Happening In Muskoka On V-DAY?

@Christies Mill

Christies Mill will be hosting a Valentine’s just for YOU!

Valentine’s Day is not just about the Sparkling Wine & Chocolates by the fire…

Allow Christies Mill ignite your romance this Valentines Day with their luscious “Passion Package”…

A night of romance with an aphrodisiac inspired delicious platter and a bottle of sparking wine will be key to the most romantic start to your Valentine’s celebration.

What more can you ask for….rose petals, massage lotion, an exhilarated hot massager, your night is set.

Your Romantic Getaway Will Be Complete:

Suite Accommodation Overnight
Dinner for Two

Starts at $203.50+ each.

Food to expect:

Appetisers: Lobster Bisque, Romain Hearts and Crab/Apple/Mango Salad.

Entrees: Roast Beef Tenderloin, Butter Poached Rock Lobster Tails, Roast Rack Of Lamb and Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi.

Deserts: Chocolate Cake, White Chocolate/Raspberry Cheese Cake and Mascarpone Chocolate Mousse.

What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day?

   Dec 10

A Hair School In Muskoka?

These past few months I have come to neglect my MuskokaGirl blog, not on purpose, more or less I have just been extremely busy working and the holidays coming up.

Late last night I was doing some research on hair schools and came across the one and only Aveda Institute. Now I see they have Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver hair schools, but none that seem to be up north, which was a little odd for me. I came to think that it would be a genious idea if they put a school close to Muskoka or even further up north for those that live far a way and do not want to move.

I heard that the hair school Vancouver was probably the most for successful students getting jobs right after they finished the program. So, do you not think it would be a great idea to have a hair school in Muskoka that beat all Aveda schools? Not only would it make ‘Up North’ look more successful..student wise, but it could get a lot of attention to those that would like to live in Muskoka during the summer months.

If I were wanting to be a hair dresser I would want my studies to be somewhere relaxing, quiet and you not agree?

I was thinking of emailing the Aveda Headquarters and suggesting the idea, what does everyone think?