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   Jun 10

At Last…Summer

Finally on Sunday, June 21, 2009 we can say that summer is here! That is right, it is SUMMER! So, get those bathing suits on, those water skies pumpin’ and those motor boats roaring because summer is too short to waste time watching TV or playing video games. You want to make each summer last as long […]

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   Apr 01

Right Around The Corner

Today being April 1st we start to see the the dark clouds and the noisy thunder storms develop into the April showers. Now I do not know about you, but comparing rain and snow together, I prefer the rain way more than I do the snow. Enough about that, I am here to share that […]

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   Mar 10

Resorts In Algonquin

With the economy today everyone seems to not have the time or money to go a way to a resort or even book time off work, but if you plan a head and choose the right resort with cheap prices how could you not take a holiday? The time has come to start searching for […]

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   Jan 20

Opening of BLOG

You are probably curious as to who I am and what the purpose of my blog really is……my name is Michelle Webb and I live in Ontario, Canada as a Client Representative for a company named Innate Media Group. The true purpose as to why I created this blog is to share my ideas and […]

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